Nitty Gritty Review: L'Oreal True Match Super Blendable Foundaion

Don't you just hate it that you can't find your perfect foundation shade in one go, and you still have to mix up 2 shades of foundation just to match your skintone? And sometimes, you even have to top it off with a powder foundation that's lighter or darker than what you had applied just to match it?

It's frustrating, I know. But ladies, your woes have come to an end with what I am about to review here, the L'Oreal True Match Super Blendable  Foundaion.

Loreal claims that you will find your True Match with their newest foundation range, because not only have they categorized their 15, yes, I repeat, FIFTEEN whopping shades of foundation with the usual fair, medium and dark shades, but they took into consideration undertones (cool neutral and warm) as well.Aba, ewan ko na lang kung hindi pa natin makita ang ating exact match ng foundation nyan.

So let's start talking 'bout the nitty gritty of this foundation then...

Look and Packaging:

*photo above courtesy of Jobert Paler

Loreal had a new packaging made for the foundations, from their old pump glass bottles to a screw top cap... I personally would have loved it if there was a spatula or if the pump had stayed, for hygienic purposes and as it was pretty hard to control the amount of product coming out when using their new foundation.


What I have is the w6 (Sun Beige) shade, and so far I am loving this! On my skin(Combination), it lasts for 4-5 hours when I use it on those occasions that I am going to commute (I always commute via jeep dahil walang ibang option pag taga Las Pinas ka). If I am traveling in a private car, it can last the whole day for me. Take note that these was during the times that I did not use any setting powder on my face. To make it last the whole 8 hours that L'Oreal had said, I have to use setting powder..

Coverage, Finish and Swatches:

It's coverage is medium-heavy, because you can build up the coverage as you go, and true to it's word, it is SUPER BLENDABLE.. It's also super lightweight even if you're aiming for that heavy coverage, and it does not cake even on the under eyes. I always use this as a concealer under there and I don't really apply anything else on my face when going out. Although it is imperative that you use setting powder when using as a concealer under there to make it last the whole day.

The product's finish is semi matte. I say semi matte because it dries matte (powder finish), but as you look super duper closely, there are tiny specks of shimmer that contribute to making your face look like it has that healthy glow.

 Left: Taken with natural light, not blended ; Right: Taken with indoor light, not blended

Taken with indoor light, blended. Notice how it had easily covered up my veins with a small amount?
Taken with natural light, blended.

Above: On the side of my jawline, natural outdoor light, not blended.
Below:And the foundation is gone! Seriously, I just blended it... Oh my Sun Beige... You're my perfect match!


And this is where the cons kick in... 899Php?! It's too pricey for a drugstore brand for me.

Tips and Tricks:

Confused on what shade suits your skin tone then? L'Oreal has this True Match Matchmaker that will help you on the right track... But of course when they give you the shade and you test it, make sure you:

  • try it out on your jawline. If it disappears, then this is it!

  • you leave it on for more than 15 minutes, it hasn't changed color, and looks almost the same on you with indoor light and outdoor light, then you're sure that THIS IS REALLY IS IT!

(D' Anothers lang ang peg haha)

Always use setting powder whenever you use this as you want it to last the whole day :)



The pros of this foundation is that all you need is one shade to get your perfect match, is super blendable, has a semi matte finish which I love, and a little product goes a long way. The con is that it's priced at around a thousand pesos, but hey- the pros outweigh the cons for me, so I will most definitely buy another one...

I feel that it is soon cause my Sun beige fell of my bookshelf where I store all my makeup (to keep from meddling baby hands), and now I am grieving for the loss( chos. hahaha! Seriously, naiyak ako kagabi dahul dun bago matulog..) It's just that it has a sentimental value for me as well cause it was given as a gift by my pichi and well, that just made it priceless.

PS: Photos of my face up close are shot by Jobert Paler. The rest are from me.

L'Oreal Philippines Facebook Page

L'oreal Website

So there, I hope I have helped you ladies with my review... Till next time!





  1. I also measure a foundation's staying power through surviving local commute :) I've not had a chance to swatch this in the store. But this review made me quite curious. I know what I'll do this weekend then eh? hehe ;)

  2. You should definitely try this one out Pau! :) it's the one for me, I hope it's the one for you too :)

  3. Ooooh! Glad you found your perfect match. I'm also thinking of getting one... I'm curious to know what matches my skin... Hmmm...

  4. Sad kasi nabasag agad yung perfect foundation match mo, but happy for you as well kasi nahanap mo ung real my skin but better shade mo. I'm curious what my shade from this range is. :)

  5. Ang mahal naman but it looks promising! Does it work like BB or CC creams?

  6. It's actually a foundation with spf17... but yeah, It works like bb creams if you only put in one layer cause it evens your skintone if you picked your right shade. :)

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