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My outfit this Sunday is what had transpired by thinking out of the box. Colors and design are leaning towards browns, greens and a bit of pinks, hence Earth and Roses. The frilly top is actually a knee length skirt that I used during the time of B.C., or Before College and yes, it still fits me on the waist as well. ;) The pants were given to me by my sister in law.

Since I was going to church, I felt that a tube top wasn't appropriate for the place so I first topped it with a green blazer given to me by Sam of Dishysammy that she said she thrifted in Baguio. Talk about great fashion taste eh? :)


I didn't want to kill my feet if I wore heels so I went for the Creme' Lily Sneaks that I got in Zalora. I guess this is me trying to be fashionable while being comfortable as well.




TOP : SM Department Store(year 2006)

Pants : Salvage Jeans

Blazer : Thrifted

Sneakers : ZaloraPH


Something very interesting and GOOD happened last week and this week at The Feast in PICC today. I know that it wouldn't have happened if I didn't have my mind open, but then again these past 3 months that had passed I felt so empty and my Pichi said that maybe, just maybe, it could be cause of my spiritual health. I've been going through the stages of healing my relationships with my family, and I am now coping with changing myself for the better and stopping THE CYCLE with myself. But I'll talk about it in a later post. For now, enjoy my latest OOTD and later on I'll show you those few things that may be just what every kid and parent needs. ;)

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  1. I am now attending The Feast as well but in Valenzuela. BTW, Love the top you're wearing :)