Lookie Looks: Poison Ivy 2.0

I already did a Poison Ivy look before in my old blog, for a contest in Make Up Geek forum( I miss those forums hay) and when I saw it, I decided to recreate and tweak some things. I'll show you guys the look originally and my tweaked version. ;)


My first version had lots of veins had an all red eyebrow and green lips. I used various green eyeshadows from my 42 shimmer eyeshadow palette to my Jane Cosmetics in sunset tones palette.

I also used a red lipstick to draw in the brows and patted on some red eyeshadow from the Careline palette I owned, and same thing was done for the red eyeliner, although with a finer brush..

Green lips were achieved with a sheer lipgloss topped with green shimmery eyeshadow. Veins were done with a mix of creamy homemade eyeshadow primer and green eyeshadow as well.


Recent tweaks to first version was that I wanted a more cleaner and crisp look so less veins, dark green contour and red blush for highlight.

Eyeshadows used were a green with yellow specks shimmery eyeshadow and a dark green on the outer v. Lined with sharp black eyeliner on top, and on bottom had an extension of green. I also very lightly colored in the under eyes with red, and filled the opening of black and green liner with red eyeshadow.

Brows were achieved with a black pencil on the outer edges and red eyeshadow on the inner part.

Lips were done with gloss and topped with green eyeshadow on the inner part, and red lipstick on the outer part.


Products used for V2:

Pixy Ultimate Makeup Cake in Natural Buff (Wet Application)

Light Green eyeshadow from 42 shimmer palette(inner corner of eyes; inner center of lips)

red blush from 10 blush palette (cheeks)

Darkest green eyeshadow and white eyeshadow from Jane Cosmetics palette in Sunset tones (face contour and outer corner of eyes; highlight of browbone and nose bridge)

Generic lip gloss(inner part of lips)

Color Collection ultimate wear lipstick in Temptress for outer part of lips

FS Cosmetics Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

Careline 8 eyeshadow and blush palette( red for eyebrows and underline of eyes)

Ever Bilena eye pencil in black(for outer part of eyebrows)

A myriad of brushes from face brushes, lip brushes and fine brushes used for painting. ;)

So, which is better or which one do you prefer? The old one or the new version?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I vote for version 1! Maganda i-todo mo na ang go cosplay na rin! :D

  2. Version 1 mas fierce... ^_^