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What happens when a couple of friends, a class clown and the block artist, becomes frustrated and wants to find their lucid interval in the traumatic injury that is life and it's reality? Well, they go back to the basics. ;)

Out of all the booths in the Global Pinoy Bazaar, the beauty of this urban art is what really caught mine and Bea's attention. You see, Linya Linya is  the collection of doodled puns, catchphrases and misquotations that is scribbled down in a blank notebook, for all of us classmates to see, and to be kept away from the prying hands of professors in college.

They sell an assortment of things from t-shirts to mugs (tara MUG MOMOL hehe) and even bookmarks, but what made it so significant are the really witty puns and comebacks, the visual interpretations behind said puns, and of course what made it more special is the fact that you can totally relate to the frustrations behind the misquotations, served lightheartedly with a real funny caricature and some chocolate on the side. And the price is pretty reasonable as well. Bookmarks for 35Php,coffee mugs at 200Php and t-shirts for 495 Php.

Although Panch Alvarez and Ali Sangalag started with Linya Linya 3 years ago, the reality of this is that the ideas were already brewing in the confines of an Ateneo college classroom, with Panch doodling on caricatures of old boring profs, and Ali with his witty comebacks which are just, as Panch had said, is just natural for him.

* Si Panch yung humihingi ng pahinga, si Ali naman, he's Been There, Bondat. hehehe

"Si Ali automatic sa kanya yung puns eh, yung mga hirit, natural na sa kanya yan. Sakin naman automatic yun pag may mga meetings nag du-doodle. So yun, napansin namin na, 'balik nga tayo sa ganito', kasi masyado na kaming nalulungkot sa mga nangyayari, na yung outlet na dapat nagpapasaya samin at nag rerelieve ng stress ng dayjobs namin, di na masaya kasi may expectations na. So bumalik kami sa masaya, at the same time may mga tao din kami na nakikilala at natutuwa sa mga gawa namin." *Panch Alvarez on where the inspirations came from and what started Linya Linya

What they do is they check first if a certain design will be marketable by posting it on to their social media sites and networks and if it receives positive impact, then they go on to making it into something like a t-shirt, mug or bookmark. I personally would love to have accessories, maybe bracelets or pendants, bag tags or notebooks that carry their misquotations and doodles.

Everyone loves guys with a great sense of humor. (I know I do! :D ) It's fun, exciting, and it also adds to one's sex appeal. hahaha! Point here is that the brains behind Linya Linya are not only great at what they do, they're also fun to be with. As to what this doodle says,

And boy, do they have a future with this!

Follow them on instagram: @linyalinya

and here too:

Linya Linya Facebook Page

Linya Linya Tumblr Blog

Update: 6 years later they now have stores in malls and merch that caters even to kids! Check them out on their page.

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  1. Those are indeed very witty! I'm sure the shirts will catch plenty of attention.

  2. Cute and Cool designs, i'll put that signage "bawal tumawad may hinimatay na dito" in my store Lol:)

  3. Maria Louisa Mae P. Mercado17 September 2014 at 21:46

    Those are pretty catchy sayings. My son would love those shirts!

  4. Hala I really love the concept! Ang funny. I hope I found something like this back in college; perfect yung shirts nila. :)

  5. I love their humor. I wouldn't be surprised if they became successful, especially with the t-shirts!

  6. cool witty designs! Pinoy na Pinoy!

  7. Ang cute naman ng mga nakasulat sa mga binebenta nila!! Parang gusto ko bilhin lahat bigla.