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Aido's Classic Lpsticks  was actually my first bullet of lipstick, during the time that I was lured in to the magic of Makeup, skincare and beauty. I think this lipstick, along with my Ever Bilena Eye pencil and Careline Blush and Eyeshadow palette is the mark of me finally being a true lady, who's not held back by vampiric over protective parents(I got it from Bo Sanchez's Haunted House at The Feast in PICC hehe) and able to express my creativity through makeup cause I also use makeup as a medium for my art (Avant Garde Makeup is my forte *wink wink).

On to the Nitty Gritty:

According to my research a couple of years back, Aido is a sister company to Fashion21 and Fanny Serrano Cosmetics. It would explain why the brand's stalls is found alongside FS and Fashion21 cosmetics.

Read on to see my swatches!;)


The case is a clear cap, silver plastic case with the logo of the company and ingredients on the tube. Kinda looks like it's gonna break at any moment, but don't be fooled, cause this baby is pretty sturdy. It experienced the prison that is my baby bag-slash-personal bag alongside things like thick books and baby bottles and milk, and it had done it's job of protecting the lipstick bullet from damage. :D. Though the cap is tightly sealed, you have to hear the 'click' to make sure that it's closed.

Price and where to get:

This lipstick sells for 50Php a bullet, and I got these lipsticks in the same mall- Robinson's Place Manila.

The first one (Aido in Q), I got a year back, and I got it cause I needed a nice young lipstick for my sister who is graduating at that time. The second one(Aido in N), an impulse buy a month back.



As you have noticed, said lipsticks were unimaginatively named Q and N, and I've already swatched a lot more lippies in this collection, aside from xyz. Hmm, although maybe it is also the reason why it's frugal, cause packaging really gives an impact on a product's price... Have to look it up if they really have all the shades of the alphabet hehe...

Coverage, Finish and Swatches:

The sales lady who gave me this says it's matte, but really, it's not even close to that. Matte lipsticks are supposed to be dry and/or long lasting, and I feel that this has more of a satin finish with lots of shimmers. It also takes 2 or more swipes to get a proper opaque coverage. Another thing is that when it dries, it settles on the fine lines of the lips, it can enhance the look of chapped lips so always exfoliate before using this, and as the day goes by it unevenly fades on my puckers.

L-R: Natural Outdoor Light, With Flash, Indoors

Shade N lingers in the shade of Peachy Pink, a nice nude-ish color for me.

L-R: Natural Outdoor Light, Indoors, With Flash

and Q is in a pretty pink color, a notch darker to Barbie's usual pink lips.

Tips and tricks:

If you want a more long lasting and opaque color without using lip liner, directly apply from the bullet, shape your lips with a lip brush, blot with a tissue, and reapply. You may need to do this a couple of times, then on the last reapplication of lipstick, get a tissue, place over your lips and dust over the tissue some translucent powder. :)


Repurchase? Probably for the other colors if my curiosity is up again. TBH, I'm in a love-hate relationship with this lipstick. I love that it has many shades, it's perfect for videos and photos, doesn't dry out my lips but in real life, when it's been worn for a long time, color tends to get uneven and settles on the fine lines.

Also this transfers when you eat up kahit na sobrang ingat ka na sa lipstick na to. So if you don't mind reapplication of said lipstick, this is okay. But for me, after experiencing other brands, I kinda fell out of love with it, but it's got a special place in my heart cause whatever happens, Aido Lipsicks helped me made me who I am today when it comes to makeup. #Hugot hahaha!

Hope you liked my detailed review on these babies!

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