Mommy Madness : Survive the first few months of childbirth

Hello again! I just wanted to share a little bit of my experience when it comes to having your own child... I hope that some of my tips here will be helpful for you, most especially if and when you're experiencing those first few months of motherhood and is losing your patience with everything else...

Yes, I did have my haggard moments just like any mom out there.

First and foremost, I'll tell you a bit about what had happened with me. I had seizures during my 2nd year high school, and throughout the years, I found out that the trigger to them was that if I am stressed(physically or emotionally) and I lack sleep.

I had my first baby at the age of 18, so yes, it may be an accident but looking back, Jenae was the best accident that had happened. :) It was pretty hard cause, intense pains, labor and lack of sleep might trigger the seizures, and if it happened while giving birth, my baby had the possibility to die. So I took my meds and such, and come labor time and delivery time, thank God everything went well. I did not want to undergo c-section cause I didn't want to have to heal for a very very long time, so I asked my doctor that IF and only IF it was very, very necessary would the c-section be done.

And after giving birth I thought that it was the end of all the troubles. But boy was I wrong. There were a lot of things that wasn't going right and I became frustrated as the days, weeks and months passed by.. And during my second child, I even got postpartum depression. But I eventually got through them, and here's how:

1. Have a whole lot of patience with you.You are a beginner, and you will learn from experience. No matter how many books about parenting you have read, or how many "superstitions and advices" your mom and mother in law gave you that make you just want to scream cause they'll say you're doing this or that wrong (most especially when the baby is sick, ay naku ayan na yung mga sabi ni ganito at storya ni ganyan na sasabihin ng mom or ng in laws), you have to trust your maternal instincts and your pediatrician. Advices are just advices, and you have the choice to not do it if you think it will not be beneficial for the child.

2. You don't have to do everything by yourself. Remember that your body is also recuperating from the stress of labor and delivery, and it won't make you a bad mom if you ask for some help with the child/children if you need your rest/sleep. Especially at night, if you have your partner with you, do shifts on who will wake up and take care of your little angel.

3. Have your arsenal ready at night. Your baby arsenal that is. Diapers, wet ones/cotton balls and warm water, baby bottles and milk that's ready to be dispensed and again, your patience. This will save time if the baby cries at night and less people will be awakened by your little angel.

4. Don't think that you're not good enough. If you're not producing enough milk or if the baby won't stop crying, wag mo na sabayan...

I know there will be those times that us mothers break down cause of frustration, but it all comes from the negativity in our mind, the fact that we think we're not good enough. And if you let negativity win, then everything else will crumble, so FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! :)

Most Important: Your support person/partner and you should have a great sense of understanding and compromise.. I'm speaking of this from experience, when I had those times I was experiencing postpartum depression, and depression while I was pregnant. It was the hardest cause I felt like everyone was on to get me, cause my first child was not really wanted, and everyone was mad at me for bearing another child in the world. Everyone was not speaking at me during my first pregnancy then the second everyone was taunting me on how I am just one more mouth to feed and such.

I even experienced seizures cause of all that drama. That photo above? Where I looked like WTF?! It was me at 6 months after my 2nd child was born, and I was so stressed with everything that even if I did sleep well, I still experienced seizures- and that was the day of my baby's baptism!

But my partner was always by my side and he explained the situation to me and to those around us, and tried to ease the tensions forming with our parents, all at the same time comforting me, and protected me from all the negativity around me. He compromised and tried to understand my situation, he became my wall, and I also tried to think how he is coping up with all the drama in our home. In the end, we both got through it together and he had helped me get through those hard times.

So there, I do hope that you got something from my experiences and advices... and comment down below cause I would like to know your experiences as well, or just ask me if you have any other questions about motherhood and such!




  1. Hi, Nicole.

    Great post. Your tips on childbirth/having a baby are very informative and helpful, especially for the new moms. Birthing a baby, especially for the first time, is a whole new milestone. A beautiful experience, yet a very stressful one too. I remember being so excited, yet clueless at the same time when I had my son.

    Totally agree with you that it takes a lot more than reading parenting books and advice to learn how to care for a baby. Hands on experience with parenting is always one of the best ways to learn. I'm with you when it comes to asking for help too. Glad to hear you have a supportive partner who's always there for you and the children.

    Adorable baby in the picture, by the way. :)

    I wish you all the best. Take care. :)

  2. Thanks so much for dropping by Jannie! How was the first few sleepless months for you then? :D