Throwback Thursday: Otterbox Preserver Series

There are lots of people from different walks of life, like those who are into traveling, those who are clumsy in everyday life, and those who are into extreme sports like parents.

Yes, you heard me. ;)

When it comes to extreme sports, nothing can be more exhilarating than parenthood, with the uncertainty of it all when you've got one foot in the grave, all cause you're experiencing labor and is about to give birth, or with the happiness you feel when you see your baby boy or girl smile the first time and every moment thereafter.

And the adrenaline rush you get when you turn around one moment to get something, then see your son or daughter holding your smartphone and is about to drop or throw it onto the floor but then you manage to save it from falling.

But of course when it comes to something you worked hard for like say, an iPhone 5s or a Samsung Galaxy S5, you would NOT want to relive that last part. And I have the solution for that...

The OtterBox Preserver Series...

This baby is gonna be your smartphone's new best friend cause it's dustproof, waterproof and yes, it's also shockproof. Don't believe me?

Are these lovely ladies' actions proof enough? Look, she's even texting underwater!

I was actually at their launching last February at the F1 Hotel in Global City, and I just wanted to share with you the awesomeness of this so-not-ordinary smartphone case.

There was even this promo for all the bloggers and media people present that whoever jumps into the pool to retrieve the iPhone5s wrapped up in the Preserver series gets to keep it all.

And this was the brave blogger who took the plunge! (update a few more years after: si kuya Ruel pala itey! :o )  I did not do it, cause I was there no as a blogger but as a photographer and I do have an idea that it was intended for the bloggers, writers and the media... 

Mr. Rovilson Fernandez was also there to chat with Ollie the otter, (OtterBox's Mascot) and there he also talked about how the Preserver Series case is not just any case, but it's also a source of peace of mind. Well, considering that if and when your smartphone accidentally falls into the toilet bowl while reading something off the net or you are in the middle of a camping trip or hiking trip, you won't have to think about the possible consequences cause you know it's safe inside your OtterBox.

The cases are easy to use, snaps together quickly around your device and once your beloved iPhone or Samsung Galaxy is wrapped around the tough and cute case, it can withstand:

  • Drops of up to 6.6 feet

  • is fully submersible for 6.6 ft of water for up to 30 minutes (IP-X8).

  • the case is also dust proof (IP-6X).

And I therefore conclude that this little case can definitely take a punch from oh let's say Mr. Paquiao and your smartphone is still safe and sound. :)

The Preserver Series retails at PhP 4,100 for the iPhone 5 and 5s, and the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Check out their Facebook Page and their site for more details.




  1. Wow this is so nice, i should get one for my iphone <3
    Thanks for dropping by a comment on my blog, xoxo


  2. Welcome back to blogging! I was thinking of buying one before but I realized I don't really go out much so why bother? Haha! My phone is always in my room or in my bag anyway. I'll just use the money for more makeup! Hahaha! :P

  3. True! As for me, I don't have any smartphone as of the moment so more clothes and makeup for me :) Thanks for visiting dawn! :)

  4. Nice dina daan daan ko lang yan tindahan nila sa cyberzone wehehe kaso wala naman ako ganun kaganda smartphone .. inisip ko nga mas mahal yung case sa phone ko gamit now