Lookie Looks: Vanity

Every time I would make FOTDs like this one, everyone in the house looks at me like I'm some kind of luka luka (crazy woman). Of course they'd not really ask me anything about it, but that's where I got the idea of calling my avant garde makeup Lookie Looks. Besides the fact that it's so unusual to do such things here in our home that everyone would look...

Vanity was my main inspiration here, and this idea was made around a year or two ago when I was into making looks inspired from the 7 Sins.

I did a light pink wash first on my lids, then layer by layer added in a darker(close to violet) color of blush on my eyes, especially concentrating on the outer v corner of my eyes. Then I extended the color up and outwards to make the shape show on my almost monolid eyes. Yes, I used a blush cause I don't really have matte violet and pink eyeshadows...

I then patted on some dark blue on the outer corner of the eyes and blended them in to make the red violet more closer to the color of indigo, and also I patted in some black eyeshadow on the same spot, but concentrating more on creating a deep crease illusion of my eyes. I also used some white cream eyeshadow for highlight on the inner corners.

The trickiest part of the look was where the heck am I gonna get a gold eyeliner. HAHAHA! So what I did was first I washed an old eyeliner brush I got from the eyeliner I purchased a year ago,( and of course I don't use it anymore so might as well reuse it ) then I have this gold mascara from Careline which doesn't really show on the lashes, and I used it on as an eyeliner and it worked, but not as strong as the gold that I wanted. So I did another layer and this time dipped the brush onto some white cream eyeliner, and then dipped it as well onto some frosted gold eyeshadow, and it did the trick.

I paired the look with gradient lips of reddish plum and violet, with a creamy red violet lip color as a base(from Allue of HBC), and to get the violet shade I actually patted some dark violet eyeshadow on my lips, and used a bit of gold eyeshadow for highlight at the center. Tried to contour as well the nose and cheeks but for some reason I still can't seem to get them right.

I tried to get creative by capturing myself on a mirror,this representing the concept of vanity more, but I found out that it's plenty difficult to do if your only camera is actually a dslr on manual focus. Pag selfie ko pa nga lang hirap na ako yung may angulo pa kaya..haha!

I would love to hear what you think of this look, so please comment okay! :)





Products Used:


-San San Matte Finish Liquid Foundation in 02

-L'Oreal Super Blendable Foundation in Warm Beige 06 (as concealer)

-10 color generic matte blush (carnation pink for the cheeks, light pink for lid wash, red violet for outer v)

-Careline eyeshadow and blush pallete(matte dark brown for contour, black for eye crease, black and matte dark brown for eyebrows)

-Careline Gold Mascara(for eyeliner)

-Allue Creamy lip color as lip base

-42 color generic frosted eyeshadow palette (light yellow for eyeliner, dark violet for the lips)



  1. thats really creative of you to go for the mirror shot nicole! i had the same idea before (ala gossip girl mirror pose) but it never worked for me hehe.
    your gradient lip color is AMAZING. your lips look 3D and very plump, ganda! <3

  2. I think this mirror pose took me 15 shots and only one made it here. haha! dyusme lang kasi mag set ng manual focus ng camera... I think you should go for the mirror pose as well.. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. Fierce looking photos sis. You are so creative. I am not good in doing different makeup looks.

  4. Thanks Michelle! aww.. pero maganda kaya yung take mo sa maybelline first impressions... Red lipstick is always a great way to make a great first impression :)