FOTD - Morning Beauty


I was supposed to go out of the house but then plans changed at the last minute. I hate it people make you expect something, then they don't stick to their promise or back out within seconds before crunchtime...

Anyways I was already prepped and raring to go so I took a picture of it as well before things turned. Pichi said it looked like I just woke woke up. Mambobola talaga to'ng partner ko no? hahaha! Well, what do you think? I was trying to achieve a friendly day look here...

Products Used:

*Fashion21 Perfect Stick with Tea Tree oil in Milky Tea

*Nichido Final Powder in Pink Glow

*Orange Blusher from 10 color unnamed pallete

*Ever Bilena Eye liner in Black

*Maybelline Define- A- Lash Mascara in Very Black

*Dark Chocolate Brown eyeshadow from Careline Blush and Eyeshadow Pallete (Brows)

*Aido Lipstick in N


A tip for those whose lippie gets within the cracks of your lips and emphasizes the chapped parts: Use a lip brush to even out the application, blot and reapply twice.

If you want a matte effect, on the third reapplication, put a tissue over your lips and using a small brush, pat some baby powder or translucent powder onto the lips and Viola!

I'll post a video haul next... Who's Excited? ;)

Remember to mix it up and give a smile!