34th Manila International Book Fair (long post) | Updated and salvaged. LOL

Yesterday was a sort of roller coaster ride for me. It started with me and my sister talking a few days back about the 34th Manila International book fair at SMX and how we both had to go on a sunday cause of our fave author's biook launching and signing. I'm talking about Lourd de Veyra's book 2 of This is a Crazy Planets.

I already have the first book and got it signed by him through a friend of mine who is an intern and had the chance to work with Lourd...( lucky bastard. haha). Anyways to cut the story short our dad was being unreasonable probably cause of Mayweather's fight and gave my sister a hell of a birthday celebration with swearwords and tears, so my sister didn't make it to SMX as planned.

Instead of sulking, I got on the car and went to SMX as early as 1, grabbed 2 copies of Lourd's book and endured the long line with fellow fanatics while carrying my daughter, with all of her tantrums, just to give my sister at least a consolation for her badly celebrated birthday...

Took me a while to find Summit Publishing's booth and what we found there was Papa Jack himself fr Love Radio... I had no idea he had already published a book but all of us at home liked his program so I had an impulse buy and got a copy of his book and got it signed as well... hehe talk about bonus!

After this I was out for a stroll and I found interesting books, some of which are filipino editions of famous books like Hunger Games Trilogy, Harry Potter, Fifty shades of Grey and lots more, and a lot of them are priced ridiculously low... HEAVEN!!!

But what took me to cloud 9 was actually seeing in person this ridiculously brilliant witty and sometimes satiric writer, and he had me rendered speechless actually. Lourd was hanging out at the front of Summit's booth, the book signing not yet starting and as I neared I had mind block and did not know what to say, so I went past him instead and after collecting myself I had babbled to him about how I got my copy of his Crazy planets signed and how he inspired me to actually know the current events in the Phils...yep. ganun ako ka bored sa araling panlipunan before pichi introduced me to this guy.

Mr Lourd H. De Veyra himself. He actually asked a few people to take a shot of his cocktail (vodka + soda I think). If he asked me to take a shot at it, I would've taken it, sat down with him and talked on about his opinions on everything under the sun with pichi... hay that would be the day :)

Jun and Me. I can't seem to forget his face of disbelief when pichi introduced me as his wife haha 

And here's the goonish but super sweet  mr. Jun Sabayton entertaining the crowd with his crazy antics, cool stories and witty interviews with the audience. I personally think that he too is a great philosopher cause most of those who have a comedic persona have something deep within their souls...

With one of the best Filipino directors, Mr. R. A. Rivera himself :)
It would've been the best day ever if I got to spend it with my sister...
PS: Kat, maski si Lourd nagtatanong...

pps: im blogging through my phone which is such a pain on my thumbs. crappy internet and f*ck that fair usage policy of a certain company which is a total opposite of what it claims to be. hello? the contract was for UNLIMITED internet then all of a sudden limit the subscribers for 15 gig every month? grrrr..

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