Review: Color Collection Vitamin E Lipstick

Hey! How was your weekend today guys? Did you have a Blessed sunday? ;) Anyways I have a new review for you and it's the Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipstick that I got from Sampleroom! YAY!!! :)

Colour Collection is a part of Tupperware Brands Philippines...

Product Description:
Keep your lips healthy and kissable with Colour Collection’s Vitamin E Lipsticks, a range of lipsticks that are formulated with Vitamin E, making your lips still look moisturized and supple even long after the color wears off. It also has sunscreen that protects your lips from the harmful UV rays of the sun.
Tupperware Brands’ premier cosmetic line presents these specially enriched glam lipsticks with Vitamin E — widely known for its capability to speed up cell regeneration and retain natural moisture content of the skin.

By helping you maintain smooth, sensuous and vibrant lips, Colour Collection’s Vitamin E Lipstick puts the glamorous finishing touch to your look with over 15 passionate shades and 3 types of finishes – matte, satin and sheer.
Full size: 4g
Price: PHP 330

The lipstick comes in a chubby-ish black plastic packaging which is cool but my problem with black glossy plastic packaging is that if you have sweaty palms, you tend to leave fingerprints all over the lipstick thus making this packaging look dirty. But that's just me... ;)

I got the package the same day that I went to Robinsons Manila to get my freebies from their share and tag giveaway, and the whole day this baby is the only thing that made me smile. Well, aside from Baby Rafael and baby Jenae that is. :)

I was ready to go then but since this arrived, I took pictures of it kaagad. It was a shame that the lipstick was sweating, and what's worse was that I swatched it on my lips, then put it in the freezer, not knowing that it already broke. I tried putting it back via melting the bottom half a bit then putting it in the ref but once again it broke on the same place... Now I only use a lip brush to apply this lipstick :(
 Here's my lip swatch. Can I just say "POP"?! :)

Here's how it looks like on natural light(same as swatch above)

and this is how it looks on indoor light. This was taken when I got home yesterday from a fun filled Sunday with my family, so sorry for the obviously haggard face.. But I like how this can make me look more lively and girly even with all the imperfections of my face right now.. Take note that this is only one swipe, or one layer of the lippie...

I have been roadtesting this for a while, wearing it on everytime I will go out of the house. It's color is a bright Barbie pink with blue undertones. I love the fact that even if it's Matte, it's not drying or it doesn't accentuate the cracks and lines of my lips that much, is creamy enough for easy can last for 4-6 hours (just don't eat or drink), it can withstand the daily commuter's super hot weather and I also love that pink pop of color everytime I wear this cause one swipe says it all. ;)

The cons of this product is that when I apply this it smells like some sort of baby's milk formula which goes away after a few minutes or so, and that although it is matte, once you eat or drink with it, the color transfers to the glass or spoon and when you look in the mirror after eating, it's gone...

I used this on my latest FOTD, and I really like how I became uber girly when I paired it with soft romantic curls...

God Bless!



  1. love the color. Pink in blue undertone compliments any skin tone :) I like it when you smile with your teeth showing.

  2. The color is nice! Sayang nasira agad ung lipstick. I hate it when that happens! :O Agree ako kay Sam, you look so pretty pag naka-super smile ka. :D

  3. Love the color, it suits you!

  4. This shade is really pretty! It looks good on everyone ♥ Store your lippies in the refrigerator rather than the freezer. Store on the top most shelf because this is the least coolest , it won't frost :) This is what I do to keep my lippies in tact ♥ Hope this works for you too as it did for me :) Thanks for sharing!

    The Makeup Maven

  5. thanks for the tip sis :) will do that

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