FOTD: when life gives you lemons part 2

A Pink Make Up Look to Cheer Me Up

Because of the disappointments that I got last thursday, plus counting the fact that I wasn't able to go to my dad's birthday today due to my baby being sick, I was seriously down in the dumps yesterday... So what I did? I said to myself..

"T.G.I.F.- Thank God I'm Fabulous!"

hehe, actually, I read it from Benefit's fan page( I think) and pichi insisted that instead of being down in a corner crying out, I should do something else to ease me up... so here's the result of me not sulking or crying out...

I'm a little out of practice with the eyeliner, and I do miss having primers for my lids... oh, and I just love the pigmentation of my newest lippie! I got it from Sample Room ... :)

Here's the look with flash...

I did my curls using a garter headband, and I'll be posting a tutorial of it soon... :)