My First Sample Room Experience..:)

...Will definitely not be my last! :) Let me tell you my story why..

Before I went on a hiatus from the world wide web, I was already hearing news of gift subscription beauty boxes being available here in the Philippines, but I decided not to go for it because I don't really have the luxury of spending 500 pesos every month when I'm living off my husband's allowance. :) Plus the fact that I don't know if I'll like what I'll get or not is frustrating...

Then fast forward to December of 2012, I awoke from my hiatus and what I found made me really giddy... I saw from the blogs that I followed the news about Sample Room, and what made me rejoice and register to be a member is the fact that I get to be the boss and choose what I like, plus the only thing I'd have to pay for was my shipping fee of 100Php, since what you use to get the samples is the points you get upon registering... Talk about a frugalista's haven!

But the sad news was they were out of stock of everything when I registered, and I waited a day more to actually order my free samples... I was a bit late since the thing that I really wanted, CK Eternity Aqua, was OOS again, though I did manage to get a few new stuff from Celeteque plus an old favorite of mine which is Dove's white Beauty Bar soap.. :) (excited for the next wave of free samples!)

I paid through G-cash and confirmed my order last thursday, and my products arrived last saturday! Talk about prompt and punctual, and plus points for giving out FULL sized samples and their uber cute vanity mirror logo :)

Here's a sneak on what I got.. :)

sampleroom celeteque dove products review

I've been using dove since highschool for my whole body..
 although I love the go naturals bar (the green one), this is still a classic. :)

sampleroom celeteque dove products review
I'll take a peek to see if this can really lessen my dark undereyes.. :)

sampleroom celeteque dove products review

I don't really know how to use serums... or what are they for, but I'll give it a try :)

sampleroom celeteque dove products review
The totality of my package is worth 100 sample room points, but their prices (when combined) actually accumulates to around 1000+Php. And best thing was I only paid for the shipping, which is a hundred so I save myself 900+Php.. :) It's a nice thought because if ever these didn't work for me, at least I did save myself almost a thousand for the disappointment.. :) So many savings! :))


Well, there we go.. time to finish my Ube Halaya... 
Till next time!



  1. Looking forward for a review :)
    Mind to follow each other? :)

  2. I got the Dove too :) I was lucky to catch both batches, and so far I'm happy with my samples :)

  3. same tayo except sa serum =) i got glutha instead =)

  4. Just registered in Sample Room. Can't wait to try it. :)

    Anyways, I'm inviting you to check out and join my blog giveaway. Just click on the link.