The NIX Stop: Escape to Playa Laiya

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Beach roadtrips are always something that I treasure. This is because I love the thrill of going to someplace new, plus it feels like going on a date and getting to know myself more. PlayaLaiya ChicMix-2685

So to cap off 2016, I went on to Playa Laiya with some of my friends. This is a 3 hour ride from Manila to San Juan, Batangas, and the 3 hours of sitting in the van is worth it once you get there.

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PlayaLaiya ChicMix-2683 Other available activities are beach volleyball and also soccer

PlayaLaiya ChicMix-5086 The Sands Restaurant and reception area at the bottom

What awaits one in Playa Laiya is the pristine beach (although don't expect white sand ayt?), awesome and relaxing landscape of their pools and the airy and comfy vibe of their restaurant, The Sands which completes the 'vacation mood'.

PlayaLaiya ChicMix-2718 Some of the fresh eats at The Sands! I loved the baked salmon and seafood kebabs, aside from their awesome array of appetizers, desserts and drinks

PlayaLaiya ChicMix-2699Sandwiches anyone? :)

PlayaLaiya ChicMix-2712 Black Forest mousse

PlayaLaiya ChicMix-2725

PlayaLaiya ChicMix-2681

Prices for the Cabanas range from 750Php(can accommodate 6-10 pax), 2700Php (can accommodate 15-20 pax)  up to 5500Php (can accommodate 20-30 pax).

PlayaLaiya ChicMix-2686Entrance rates are down below this post :D

We went island hopping to Pampang Island that day, and albeit it was raining on our way to the islands, the skies cleared up with a bit of sunshine thrown in to let us have our fun.. :D

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IG_nicolepaler-5125 copySee the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me... And no one knows, how far it goes... #Moana

15673047_10154792113834188_5970443156828398494_n Photo courtesy of :D

PlayaLaiya- Photo courtesy of

Aside from island hopping, you can also opt for banana boats or flying fish adventure, the latter being SO MUCH BETTER than your average roller coaster ride all you can in a local theme park. Best and longest 15 minutes of my life goes to Flying Fish rides.

PlayaLaiya--3 Snapshot of us riding the flying fish

Here are Playa Laiya's rates for the adventurous ones:

PlayaLaiya ChicMix-5101

PlayaLaiya ChicMix--13 enjoying the pool.. there are also a number of kiddie pools with bubbles, and jacuzzi aside from their infinity pool here.

PlayaLaiya ChicMix-5112

After all the fun, you can go on ahead and have yourself a relaxing massage by the beach, while watching the sun go down, like what Ria and me had done.

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Playa Laiya is open Tuesdays to Sundays from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and their pools are open during the same hours. Beach swimming on the other hand is allowed from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. You can also pitch a tent if you want to stay overnight to look at the stars. Plus no need to worry where you'll take a bath as the Bath house and The Sands restaurant are accessible. Just ask the management once you book your reservation. :D

Entrance fee and other rates:

  • Peak Season : Adults (700 on weekends, 500 on weekdays)

  • Lean Season : Adults (560 on weekends, 400 on weekdays)

  • Additional 100/head if you will be bringing own food for BBQ...

  • Kids 3-10 years of age get 50% off

  • Lockers whole day rental fee : (50 Php- Small, 150 Php- Big)

Take note though that Playa Laiya is an Exclusive resort that just recently opened to the public this 2017, hence you will need to make reservations and book through the details below.

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How to go to Laiya, San Juan, Batangas: (Playa Laiya)

From Manila via Ibaan:

  • Take SLEX, exit via Lucena, onwards to Star Toll Way

  • Take San Jose-Ibaan exit at Star Tollway

  • As you exit, turn left and drive for around 2.5 Km

  • Go left to Palindan street, and right to Lipa-Ibaan rd.

  • Go ahead and drive past a petron station, till you get to the Junction

  • Turn left, for the way to Rosario

  • From Rosario Town Proper, Drive past Jolibee to lead you to San Juan

  • From San Juan town proper, drive past their Municipal hall and take the next right turn for Laiya main road

  • Drive approx. 25 KM along the main road. Playa Laiya is the gateway of Laiya Beach Front

From Manila to Lipa Exit:

  • Take SLEX, exit via Lucena, onwards to Star Toll Way

  • Take Lipa exit at Star Tollway

  • At Lipa, take directions going to Padre Garcia

  • Drive past De Lasalle Lipa until you reach a Junction

  • Follow the road as it merges and turn right to Kapitan Luz St.

  • Turn Left at Kalipulako

  • Turn right at P. Torres. This road leads to Rosario and Padre Garcia.

  • About 8.5 km from Lipa is a junction heading to Padre Garcia

  • Turn Left to Padre Garcia and drive past a market. Turn Right to San Juan

  • From San Juan town proper, drive past their Municipal hall and take the next right turn for Laiya main road

  • Drive approx. 25 KM along the main road. Playa Laiya is the gateway of Laiya Beach Front

Playa Laiya #NixChicMix

Playa Laiya Beach Club
+63 2 553 8888
Email: Rem Ynigo at


  1. Is the beach the same beach where there are a lot of instructors teaching surfing? When I was there, I went to smaller resorts. Before going to Baguio, and coming back from Baguio, I had stopovers in San Juan. I remember walking along the beach and seeing a nice facility, decided to eat there. I am not sure if it's Playa Laiya? I can't remember the name. Anyway, I hope they get more visitors. They have a nice resort that it's such a shame if they do not get more customers.

  2. Beach, sand, waves, volleyball and the chocolate mousse. What more does one need for that perfect vacation? Amazing pictures to top up this very well written and elaborate article. Amazing.

  3. Wow, you seem to really have enjoyed together with your company. I didn't know that Batangas has this Gem and a great place to escape from a busy life and sometimes a chaotic life in Manila. I haven't been to Batangas yet and this place will surely be penned on my bucket list. Thank you so much for sharing your travel experiences.

  4. What time of season where these photos taken? It seems like summertime but the sky is foul of clouds! Totally different from the summer here in Greece where the sky is clear almost every day. I loved your photos, especially these with the food and the ice cream. I have never done this banana thing, it seems very fun!

  5. Wow! Playa Laiya is just a 1.5hour drive from my place including traffic. Its one of the most pristine and stunning beaches in Batangas. Laiya has a lot of posh resorts too apart from playa laiya.. its a fav tourist destination and as a BatangueƱa it just makes me feel so proud of my province.. glad you enjoyed and had a great time there! :)

  6. I am always in for a place like this. It is bliss for a getaway. Today's hectic and busy life takes a toll on us and I would love to be at a place like that. You seem to have a great time

  7. It's been awhile since I went to Laiya and now I suddenly miss it. The place looks so pretty. Laiya is close enough that we can even go to celebrate my Birthday. Thank you for the suggestion.

  8. Oh! Another Batangas getaway! May mga rooms naman na available? Or day tour muna ngayon available? The resort looks good naman and hindi pa crowded so mas maganda :) was the banana boat ride really fun? Gusto ko talaga itry :)

  9. We will be back in Manila later this year and this is such a good option! I wish they had white sands though, but it's still not a bad option for a trip not too far from Manila! Thanks for the detailed information! :)

  10. Looks like you had a really great trip to Playa Laiya. I would love to go on beach trips but I don't live anywhere near a beach, which is a shame. I'm going to add this to my list of places to go to as it looks exotic and fun too. I would love to ride on one of those banana floats!

  11. This is definitely a perfect place to unwind. Good thing it's just a few hours away from the city. I haven't been in Luzon yet but sure that this is something to look forward. I love the ambiance plus the foods they offered too (basing on the images and information you shared). Do they also have rooms for those who would like to stay overnight? Except for tents, though?

  12. Hi Zwitsy! Unfortunately they only have Day Tour if you don't have tents :) But it would be nice to do a bit of glamping every now and then yes? :D

  13. Hi Nicole! lovely blog!

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  15. Havent been to Playa Laiya, but would love to some day. Of course, I want to go island hoping and experience the water sports with my boys. I guess it would be real fun. My children now love adventure so Playa Laiya might be the perfect place. Cant wait for their summer vacation.

  16. Looks too amazing! I love all those beaches. Also the food looks super delicious. I would enjoy a getaway to a place like this a lot right now. It's cold and snowy here in Finland right now.

  17. travelerettenyc2 March 2017 at 17:36

    Playa Laiya looks amazing! I always forget that the Philippines belonged to Spain at one point so it would make sense that a beach in the Philippines is called a Playa. I would love to eat the food there especially the black forest mousse and seafood kebabs. But the highlight is that gorgeous blue water!

  18. I havent been here but always passed by this when it was constructed. This is a good idea for a nesr getaway this summer! It seems to have lot of offerings in terms of activities. Incidentally a cousin in law is looking for a nice beach venue to spend the gonna suggest this!

  19. Wooow! I honestly bookmarked your post right away, as it made me want to go there soon. The place is so beautiful and relaxing but fun at the same time! The food also looks sooo delicious especially the Black Forest mousse.Thank you so much for sharing this wondrous experience! <3

  20. Keep 'em coming! Looking for places to stay this summer. I like what I see here. I think my kids will enjoy it. Glad this is open to the public!

  21. I can't believe that this beautiful destination is just 3 hours away from manila!!! The beach looks stunning and your photos of the food looks well photographed. I really like how everything is well written and detailed. Your post is making me want to visit batangas more and discover what else they have to showcase!

  22. No wonder I haven't heard of this resort before, it's new! I think I'd been to Laiya a couple of times before, but mostly they are company or family trips. I haven't had the chance to go there for personal leisure yet. :)

    Love the food photos! The seafood kebab looks yum.

  23. I love your photos, especially that one with you perched on a rock and that beautiful sunset!

    I wanted to visit Laiya but never found the time to do so. This is but another beautiful excuse to go there soon with my family. I sure hope we can visit this place one of these days!

  24. Looks good! I've been to several resorts in that area for company team building workshops. I have yet to try this place. I like that their rates are affordable.

  25. Hi, I already emailed the person you mentioned above but I haven't receive any email yet. Also, I called their office for reservation but need an endorsement. hope you could help me with this. Thank you!