The GFX 50S and More | Fujifilm Launches new Cameras and Lenses for us to LOVE!


During the Photoworld Asia 2017 a couple of days ago, Fujifilm PH presented their newest and top of the line camera for print and travel shots- the GFX 50S. They listened to what their users have been wanting and waiting for, and they unveiled new features as well as improved some more in other aspects of their cameras.


For the GFX 50S, you can shoot in Medium Format, which means more detail and a higher quality photo because the physical sensor is much larger. This alone makes it already perfect in most pro photographer's eyes, but let's add in a few more factors, shall we?


Elaborating a bit more on the Medium Format, it is not only 1.7 times larger than a full-frame sensor, but also its highest-resolution chip yet at 51.4MP (8,256 x 6,192) that physically measures 43.8-by-32.9mm.


This weather resistant baby is made with Magnesium alloy making it one of the most compact and lightweight devices in this class. It only weighs 1.23 kilograms together with the standard lens (GF63mm F2.8 R WR). If you think about it, that's about 60% the weight of a medium format DSLR camera that's equipped with a sensor of the same size.


That same sensor + compact-ability and sturdy body makes it perfect for any genre of photography you may do or want to explore. Studio is great, but this baby can also handle light rain and splashes without damage to your camera. The display of GFX 50S tilts on both vertical and horizontal axes. Fujifilm’s classic controls have also been integrated into the GFX 50S. Alongside the GFX 50S are of course it's latest accessories, like the different lenses that come with, (the X Photographers I believe prefer the Macro 120mm Lens) and they LOVE the EVF-TL1 EVF tilt adapter which lets you conveniently use the LCD to focus on subject without having to kneel down. Ultimate Pro Photos anyone? YES PLEASE!


Fujifilm Philippines

**Special thanks to John of for letting me borrow his product shots :D

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