Chinatown Binondo Photowalk: First Tour and My Top Budget Eats


A few days before Chinese New Year, #EATGetaway and #EATscapades(me and a few  friends) had planned to go to Binondo for a Photowalk-sans-Foodtrip. I immediately was in because... Even if I have been to Chinatown, all I did was pass by, and not really check the place out. So I was pretty excited!


Our first stop was lunch, which means Quik-Snack at Carjaval St. It's this mini road (eskinita) that's just behind the church and beyond Ongpin St. We were here because Azrael was craving for some of their Lomi. Me? I wanted to check how they make my favorite dish- Pancit Bihon Guisado.


Carjval St.


Their Pancit is really LOADED with 'sahog' (lots of pork bits and shrimp), that the bihon would probably equate to a viand and you can order some rice along with it. XD Kuya Ted also had Empanada with Pork and Kuchay which was pretty tasty, all for around 65 pesos if I'm not mistaken. I'll post more about all of the restos that we ate soon in separate reviews so watch out for it :D

Special Pancit Bihon: 140php

Empanada with Pork and Kuchay : 65Php



So afterwards, we were supposed to go to Sincerity, and as we were walking in Yuchengco St., Ate Edel saw this:


Guess she had big cravings for noodles, so we went in. Athena had their Seafood hofan, which I felt is much like a pancit guisado, with seafood and pancit that resembles 'fettuccine'. I'm sorry, I'm not too familiar with Chinese cuisine, but I do know that it is pretty oily and VERY YUMMY. :D
Seafood Hofan: 120Php
Braised Beef Noodles: 110Php

As for their Noodles, Edel ordered 1 Braised Beef Noodles, which is honestly big enough for 2 people. As for taste, it's alright. Way better than Chowking... :D (dyusme ang alat ng beef noodles nila now unlike dati)

So we continued along our Photowalk, and by this time we are accompanied by Ms. Rache Go, Chef and travel blogger :D. The next stop was somewhere along



[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"]binondo-165428 This is the oldest hardware store in Manila. I believe it's at around 100+ years already :D As Per Ms. Rache Go



Ilang Ilang restaurant can be found along Ilang Ilang St. in San Nicholas District, the part of Binondo that's not much seen by tourists. But you HAVE to go here because they have THE BEST kikiam in Binondo, and their Fried Chicken in Rice Wine sauce is THE BOMB. Sorry Sincerity, but Ilang Ilang Restaurant really gives you a run for your chicken here. hahahaha!

Ilang Ilang Kikiam: 120Php

This kitty really wanted to have his photo taken. Maybe he wants a new owner? hahahaha

Ilang Ilang Chicken in Rice Wine Sauce. A MUST TRY dish :D :235Php

az-164953 Az having a bit of fun with the bike parked near Ilang Ilang Restaurant. He wonderfully passes for a Chinoy Yeah? hahahaha


binondo-165618 Thinking of where we will go next...


There's so much to see! I really am very happy I was part of this photowalk :D


After a few photos and praying inside Binondo Church, we walked some more in Ong Pin St. The first stop was this Chinese grocery- Bee Tin... We found a lot of stuff here, like Fish shaped Tikoy and Century egg, pakwan seeds and Kiamoy, which are dried plums and a chinese delicacy. It's an acquired taste though, and although Kuya Ted and Athena loved it, the rest of Team EAT? Not so much. hahahaha







binondo-50 what a fun way to celebrate Chinese New Year!!! <3


We walked some more and we stopped by this place that sells Sugar Cane Juice and Fried Siopao. I would definitely love to come back to that place because of 2 things. One is I wasn't able to take much photos because I was pretty worn out already at the time.. Another is I want to try it out again! <3 that Sugar Cane Juice and Fried Siopao.. hahahaha

binondo-0159 My first time to see an actual parking meter


And that's it for my photowalk. I definitely will treasure these moments, and I hope you can visit here not just during Chinese New Year. Although the festivities are pretty awesome during the time, I've heard that it can be crowded. So if you're not one for crowds, visit before the CNY. :D There are lots more awesome places to try out here, like Estero and a few more noodle places that I haven't been to. Till the NIX Stop! <3


  1. when is the next nix stop? haha

  2. Team EAT lang ang inaantay ko for the NIX Stop hahahaha :D