Affordable Korean Dishes at the Newly Renovated Mak Chang Adriatico

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Mak Chang is one of my favorite places in Adriatico - Malate area. Although I have seen a lot of Korean restaurants in the area as well as around Vito Cruz, I always frequent here cause this is where pichi introduced me to my love for kimchi. They recently renovated and I love it cause it's more spacious and looks cleaner. Hindi mukang napaglumaan :D



Makchang uses charcoal for grilling so you're sure to get a nice even smoky flavor on your orders. I always go for the Pork Galbi (P350.00) cause it's my favorite. But the Samgeopsal (P350.00) and the Galbisal (P500.00) are also awesome must try dishes. Once you order here, you get an unlimited serving of lettuce, scallions and bean sprouts tossed in sesame oil and chili powder, Miso soup, kamote cuts and a new addition to their unlimited side dishes, the egg souffle.


This is a double order by the way, cause one is NOT enough. It's that good.




This is how I eat the pork- I add in some spring onion salad and wrap the pork in the lettuce. Dip it in their sauce and enjoy a piece of heaven. :d



Pichi also ordered some Ramen (P150.00), which turned out to be freakin spicy. I think it's Jjamppong. HAHAHA I wasn't able to make it work. Even pichi didn't get to finish it cause it's too spicy.


Mak chang serves their meals in a fuss free way, and I love that since they renovated they have a better ambiance too. Very classy and it makes the eating experience way better. Yes, I loved Mak Chang before but now? I love them so much more!


Mak Chang

1812 Maria Orosa Street, Malate, Manila City. 

If you're craving for more Samgyupsal dishes or Yakiniku around Manila, you can check this out: Fantastic Chef



  1. I've only tried to taste Korean more recently and I was surprised how delicious (and spicy) it was!

    I can't believe how affordable this restaurant is! Looking at your images has made me hungry!

  2. I guess this is a must try! I've only tried Yakimix and Samgyupsalamat. They offer affordable rates that even students could afford. I only hope that I don't get lost going there. 🤣

    1. If you're around Robinson's place manila just go to their department store and go near the makeup counters. There's a door there that exits directly straight into adriatico st... and Makchang is in front of said door/department store exit :)

  3. I have never tried any Korean dish yet .. even kimchi haha.. this is an interesting find Nicole and the menu looks really appealing but the best thing here is that they are budget friendly hehe..
    parang gusto ko tuloy mag food hunt soon haha

  4. I like Korean dishes. too bad this place is far from our house.. but if id be around the area id definitely have some galbisal!

  5. Malate is one place I seldom visit because it's too far from our place. It seems I will be lost there. But friends told me there are a number if nice diners there.

    Korean food is something I do not enjoy much, especially the kimchi. I really wonder what's with kimchi talaga na love na love ng iba? Ehehe.