HOW TO: Cashless Foodtrip at Mercato Centrale with Globe GCash | Hassle FREE!

A couple of nights ago, Mercato Centrale got tech-saavy, partnered with Globe GCash and introduced their first QR mobile payments service. Why this makes things hassle free? Let me count the ways...

  • NO MORE WAITING for Forever-- err- I mean CHANGE
  • NO NEED for WITHDRAWALS from your ATM




We all love Foodtrips! Mercato Centrale is one of the best Asian night food markets out there, catering to thousands of foodies. They serve a wide variety of awesome meals ranging from Japanese, Korean, European to local comfort and street food!




The GCash app makes things really hassle free with their scan-to-pay feature, as you won't need to worry about paying with smaller bills, giving the exact amount and you certainly won't have to hear " Sir/Ma'am, may piso po kayo?" just so you can get your change. Merchants are also given an advantage with this as they no longer need expensive machines to process mobile money transactions but only a QR code that is linked to their GCash wallet.

It's pretty easy to use the GCash app for transactions in Mercato. Watch my video to see how:

To use the scan-to-pay GCash feature, a customer with any smartphone device will just need to

  • download or update to the latest version of the GCash App
  • register for an account 
  • fund his/her GCash wallet. 

You can do this at any of over 12,000 GCash partner outlets nationwide, includng Globe Stores, SM and Robinsons Business Centers, Puregold Branches and 7-11 Cliqq kiosks among others. Once done, all you have to do is:

  • tap on "Scan QR"
  • point the phone's camera at the partner's QR code
  • indicate the amount you want to pay.

According to Mercato Centrale co-founder RJ Ledesma, it will soon be implemented in Mercato Glorietta... And 2 new branches are opening soon! Also, if you visit Mercato, you’ll get 10% cashback until Sept.30.

Mercato Centrale is open Wed-Saturday, 6PM-3AM.

For more information on GCash you may visit their website.
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