Unboxing the Asus Zenfone 4 Selfie | First Impressions


Hey everyone! I've never EVER held an Asus phone my entire life, so I've really got no expectations whatsoever when Asus sent me the Zenfone 4 Selfie review unit. I do hear that Asus is one of those phones that has awesome selfie capabilities, and if there's one thing that irks me about my iPhone 5s, it's the point that selfies, especially in low lights, suck big time.

I hope that Asus delivers with their selfie capabilities better than a coveted X. Hahaha get it? ;)


What's in the box of an Asus Zenfone Selfie 4 is the unit... Among other things.

I got one in the color Deepsea Black but it's closer to a matte navy blue. I love this cause it's subtle and you stand out from all the other usual black brick phones out there. It sports a 5.5 inch screen and weighs 145 grams. The unit feels much like how we would want when trying out swimsuits- real slim and lightweight. So it'll almost be invisible when you slide it in your pockets and it'll definitely fit nicely in a small bag.

The power button and volume controls are found on the right side of the phone, mic and earphone slot at the top and at the bottom, you see the speakers and the usb charging slot.


Asus-Zenfone-4-Selfie-unboxing-review-6976 dualsim

It's got a dual sim slot and from the 64GB of storage, you can expand it up to 2TB with an sd card.

You also have a 16MP rear camera that's also great for capturing food and landscapes!

Aside from the unit, there's your usual usb cable, some classy earphones that deliver awesome quality of sound, a plug, sim card ejector and a jelly case that fits perfectly with the phone for added protection.



I'll be giving an in depth review of this baby soon, but I am excited about a couple of things with this unit- one is the Dual Selfie camera with a 20MP main camera and an 8MP 120° wide angle, perfect for  #Selfie and #Wefie. Because the only thing better than selfies... Are wefies that capture picture perfect moments with your friends and family.


Dual Selfie cam!

So here's a couple of teaser photos that I had while testing out the phone...

Asus-Zenfone-4-Selfie-unboxing-review-photos copy
I'm pretty impressed with the selfie options of this one. Asus is definitely fully loaded!
Another thing that I am excited about this device is the split screen where in you can do a couple of things at the same time. I think I'll definitely have some fun with this feature for sure. Watch netflix or youtube videos while browsing the net (or maybe even playing games? I'll definitely check this out. :p)


And reading the specs, I'm pretty sure I'll be testing out not just the selfie capabilites of this thing but also how it runs with the "heavy" games.

So watch out for my upcoming review on this, cause from what I'm exploring with Asus, there's a whole other beautiful world for selfie addicts out there.

#WeLovePhotoPH #WeLoveWefie
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  1. That 20MP camera is what i love the most from its list of features... its a perfect travel buddy to capture those picture worthy places no?.. that splitscreen is also intriguing... so you can literally do multitask with this phone.. wow