Taste Latin America with Sabor Latino by Cafe 8 Crimson Alabang

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Craving to have a taste of the world’s cuisines? You can now have it at Crimson Alabang and their monthly World on a Plate special at Cafe Eight! For the month of September, Cafe Eight takes you to Latin America with Sabor Latino!

One of the BIGGEST EMPANADAS that I have ever seen in my life!
Sabor Latino is Crimson Hotel’s Latin American Buffet Special, featuring the flavors of Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, and other South American cuisines, available from September 7 to September 24, 2017.

These dishes will tickle your tastebuds into tasting familiar but elevated flavors… I say familiar because Latin American cuisine is close to our herritage as our food is heavily influenced with Spanish and American origins due to our colonizations from them in the past.

Spicy Squid Salad with Chili and Straw Mushroom

Slightly spicy squid... Think Kinilaw but Spanish in taste with all the other spices it has :D

Chilean Salmon Tartare wth Iceberg Lettuce Salad

One of my favorites here, the creaminess is not overpowering and you can tell that the salmon they use is pretty fresh. :D

Beans and Rice with Eggs

Who said that there's room for diet? This is so good- think fried rice, but with beans. And I have never tasted great fried rice until I went here in Crimson Alabang, and who knew that beans and rice would have tasted awesome together? I so want to recreate this at home. <3 <3 <3

Aji De Galina, Peruvian Creamed Spicy Chicken

Another yummy dish that really tickled my tastebuds in a great way! It's creamy and spicy but not overpowering. Unless you got the sides of the chicken like the wings and stuff- it's where all the spicy things are hiding. ;)
Charquican - Chilean Beef Stew
I LOVE THIS. Like legit. The beef is so tender, so full of flavor and the spices just make it better with every bite. It's similar to our Caldereta but with more spice, more bellpeppers and less tomato sauce.

Eggplant, Tomato, Cucumber, Chipotle dressing and Red Onion

Quesadillas- you can have yours customized! All Cheese or with Chicken, they got it!

Mexican Vegetable Salad with Tacos and Mint Sauce
Roast vegetables with Thyme, young Garlic and Caraway seeds

Tacos con Chili con Carne 
Dessert Time!
Tres Leche (3 Milk Cake)

For something that's dripping with 3 kids of milk- it's not that sweet! And it's good like that cause it means you'll want another and another bite, no umay factor here.... ;)

They also have this Cocktails section where you can ask for Tequilla shots and Margaritas!

My first time to try Margaritas. I'm usually a Mojito girl but I am loving the slush version of this!


They also have the Latino wine dinner wherein you can enjoy a 5 course wine dinner filled with Latin American dishes. Of course there are paired with New World wines from Montes Winery. Cocktail starts at 6:30pm, and offered only on September 12, 2017


Here are the buffet rates for SABOR LATINO Latin American buffet at Cafe Eight:

  • Lunch buffet - PHP 1,235++ with free unlimited drinks 
  • Dinner buffet - PHP 1,410++ with free unlimited drinks 
For Sundays the brunch rate is at PHP 1,305++ per person...But I think it's way better if you opt to avail the PHP 1,712++ per person. It comes with free unlimited drinks and you're free to use the swimming pool for 3 hours... Plus it comes with complimentary parking.


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  1. Oh wow! It looks like a nice place and good food offer! Unfortunately though, layo ng Alabang sa'min! lol.

  2. Everything looks so delicious <3 Thanks for sharing your food finds with all of us!

  3. You had me at nachos, tacos, and quesadillas! :) It's so refreshing that it has a particular theme. The price is not bad also. :)

  4. My mouth waters just by looking at those photos. Nice deal yung free use of swimming pool, para maburn ang calories! :D

  5. The eggplant dish looks very good, kaka-inspire naman magluto ng ganyan.

  6. Oh my gosh everything looks soooo good! I believe your every word about the food haha - the pictures speak for themselves! I'm still undecided which one I want to try first lol

  7. I am a fan of Tacos, Quesadillas and Margaritas. KAGUTOM this post momshie... hehe! And the desserts look so yummy!!!Di ko pa na-try magstaycation sa Crimson Hotel, this make me want to book and taste their Latin America cuisine.

  8. The photos! I'm drooling, haha! I want to take my family there, malayo nga lang. I love Mexican food next to my ultimate fave, Japanese. :)

  9. I love Latin American cuisine! I actually haven't tried dining at Crimson Hotel before. This is a good reason to start doing so soon!

  10. Wow, Latino food seems to be very much healthier than other dishes, ang daming veggies!

  11. Hmmmm... can't stop thinking of "Beans and Rice with Eggs". Its a mouthwatering collection of recipes!

  12. Ahh! Tacos and Quesadillas are my weakness! I would love to dine here once we go to Alabang. :D It's a bonus point too that they have cocktails! I can imagine this being such a great place to hangout with friends! :)

  13. What a great idea of a celebration with food from South America. I have recently came back from Chile but also visited Peru a few years ago and the Aji di Galina remained in my mind, such a delicious and simple dish. The salmon tartar sounds delicious as well! I am a fan of tartar but I never tried it with fish before, just with beef.