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Hey everyone! In celebration of Harry Potter's epilogue, 19 years later, which happened September 1 2017, pichi and I went to The Witches Brew Diners in Muntinlupa. This restaurant is the perfect place to chill for Potterheads and Game of Thrones fanatics alike.

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The first floor is dedicated to the Hogwarts halls -slash- platform 9 and 3/4, and it's also got a bar where they brew your favorite potions -err- drinks like Polyjuice potion and Butterbeer. Check out my vlog above on how my experience was with this place :D

I stalked their instagram account and just found out as of writing this that they are still on soft opening. I'm definitely coming back again to check out the upgrades after the grand opening! :D

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We ordered a couple of stuff here- the Severus Steak (P525.00) which comes with a heaping of really yummy muggle fries, buttered veggies, and a t-bone steak that's smothered with their homemade gravy. It's savory, full of herbs and garlicky, and had I ordered it medium well I'm sure I would've loved it more. I ordered it well done though and albeit I knew it was gonna be a bit dry from what I'm used to, I was still surprised that it's not super dry.

Why I ordered well done? Cause pichi doesn't like medium steaks. HAHAHAHA

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This one is the Song of Fire and Ice (P325.00), and it's a Spicy Marinara Penne pasta with lots and lots of cheese(YUM) and some home made longanisa as topping. I wanted to love this pasta, but I think it could do with some improvements like holding the salt a bit on the longanisa or the sauce being too sweet to be called "Song of Fire and Ice".

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Of course, this place serves Butterbeer (alcoholic and non alcoholic), among other wizarding potions and drinks. They also have Amortentia and Polyjuice Potion available, and I think this is the only place where you'll get polyjuice potion that's pretty yummy.

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Me being my Slytherin self. Yes, I was sorted here by Pottermore. And no, we are not all bad, just misunderstood.

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Cheers! Alcoholic Butterbeer sells for P185 and the Non Alcoholic Butterbeer sells for P155.

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Here is the 2nd floor which is dedicated for game of thrones fanatics... The guy sitting in said throne may or may not be the rightful heir. LOL. You can also play board games here as the place is designed for a more suitable chilling place and not just for eating... And there's wifi as well so you're all set! :D

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For two persons, the damage totaled to around a thousand pesos. There wasn't even any desserts, but there are 3 things that are gonna make me come back here: the theme of the place, the costumes and those freakin yummy Muggle fries! As for drinks, I'm still gonna try out the other shakes and dishes cause I haven't found the "One" just yet.

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I'll be hanging out here for Portkey Events and their "Get to the Portkey" event. Check it out in this link here:

The Witches Brew Diners

Lakefront Boardwalk Sucat, Muntinlupa, Rizal, Philippines

Facebook Page:

UPDATE: The Witches Brew must have apparated away or had a Fidelius Charm. They've closed up shop here, moved to SM BF but I am not so sure if they're still open despite the pandemic. Keeping this up for memories


  1. Lovely photos and wonderfully written.

  2. Nice theme and interiors and food looks yummy 😋😋!!

  3. Nice one, photos say more than 100 words, I will for sure visit on my next trip

  4. Lovely place to visit. If only Muntinlupa is near our place or even an easy drive. Love the Potter theme. Not familiar with the game of thrones but for sure that place will make many game of thrones fanatics happy.

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  6. I would love to visit this place! Medyo malayo but I think it'll be worth it. The butterbeer is super affordable but I think I'll be drooling over the shelves more! :)

  7. I've been seeing your social media posts on this and I WANT! If it weren't so far away from me I would have gone by now and brought my eldest who also loves Harry Potter. Keeping it in mind though for when I do visit the area.

  8. Wow! I would love to visit this place. I am also a Potterhead and this is definitely a worthwhile experience. Will definitely include this in our itinerary once we're back in Metro Manila.

  9. Seems like a wonderful place for Harry Potter fans.I like the arrangement of each floor.Food looks delicious too.And the Vlog is really informative.

  10. A steak that is that goof for 525? Please count me in! I am big steak lover and it's not easy to find a good steak in that price point. The playful ambiance of the place would be a bonus for me. I would travel to the cafe just for the steak! Haha!

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  11. I really love the concept of this cafe... Not really that big big fan of Harry Potter but I love the movie and fell in love with some of its characters... I have a crush on Luna Lovegood eh haha then there's a GOT sa upper floor... sana I can visit the place someday and hopefully the place is not that crowded.. i'm sure many fans will visit this place