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Asus Max M2 review (cover2)

So I had the Asus Max M2 with me when we went to Hong Kong last April 6th. It became my primary phone when we stayed there, and while I had my initial impressions already written out , I still found a few more surprises with the Max M2.

PS: Specs and Price can be found in the Inital Impressions post.

Asus Max M2 review (13 of 20) Asus Max M2  On Photos


Nothing much has changed with my first impression thoughts. I love the cameras of the M2 for photos. It performs well in lowlight situations and I still think that the depth effect needs a bit of learning curve.

Which I did learn while I spent more time with the unit. You can really take awesome food photos and flatlays with this one with the depth effect. But it still is wonky when it comes to multiple people and portrait shots.

Asus Max M2 On Battery

Hands down to this one, as the Asus Max M2 and it's 4000 mAh one full charge lasted me a whole day's worth of video coverage, while plugged in to our hotspot/wifi, minor gaming with the kiddos and it still was at a 34% by the time we got back to the hotel. Funny thing was.. The phone memory got full first but there's still lots of battery to go! <3


Now that's what I call top performance. Battery is a big deal for those who are travelling and I feel that with this and its video and photo capability for taking important memories this is such an affordable deal.

Asus Max M2 On Video

The video quality of the Asus Max M2 is pretty nice. The rear camera has a stabilizer for the videos which I give props to cause not most phones have this. Videos look better because of it. It also is great when you use it for indoor or outdoor video.

The downside of the Max M2 when it comes to video is the exposure. Sometimes things look a little over exposed at first, especially when you're panning from a well lit place to an indoor setting. It is especially bad though when it comes to recording in dark spaces with harsh lights, much like the Lion King performance snippets we have on the video above.

On video transfers, you should also double check your files before deleting them as there were some clips that I had which had no audio, even when I double checked in Adobe Premiere. I'm not sure though if it really was recorded with no audio on the phone or if audio disappeared while transferring.

The Asus Max M2 did not let me down on my travel, but made it a lot easier. It surpassed a day's worth of work with a little extra battery to take you even through the night. The M2 kept my children entertained all throughout the day even if I had a lot of photos and videos taken on the side. 

Memories of our travel are well recorded with the video and photos taken. That video stabilization is also something to commend. The phone did not slow down with my open apps, games for kids, google maps and chrome (which we all know usually takes a lot of your memory capacity in the first place).

Asus Max M2 review (21 of 20)

All in all, that metal backplate design that I love when I did my first impressions also is a big thing for those who are into travel. Durability of the unit itself and the capabilities VS. price of the Asus Max M2, I'm more in love with it now and I say go on and get one for yourself now. :D

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