Family Date and Romantic Date for Moms at S Maison this Mom's Day!

Mother's day is just around the corner! For our beloved Queens of the home, one would want that extra special something and S Maison has it for you and mom! Treat mommy, or your whole family to flavors around the world without getting plane tickets! Here are some ideas on where to spend mom's day in S Maison- as a family affair or as a romantic date!
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Family Celebrations at S Maison

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Pinoy Flavors elevated at Golden Cowrie

Mom's favorites are pinoy food, but dad or kiddos don't know how exactly to make mom's favorite dish? You have Golden Cowrie to the rescue! Indulge mom with their watermelon Agua Frescas and start things off with their Pomelo Salad which are both really refreshing drinks and dishes.

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If you're up for some soup one of the crowd favorites that you can try is the Potcherong Katag which is this savory beef soup with some awesome bone marrow ala hors d'oeuvres with some slices of bread and caramelized onions.

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The Pomelo salad uses sweet pomelos, onions, and a bit of dried pusit to break the citrus. Afterwards, you can give her a whole lotta lechon love with Golden Cowrie's authentic Cebu Lechon Belly.

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Seafood Delights at Red Lobster

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If mom is almost literally part of the sea with her food favorites, you can give her a big treat over at Red Lobster. While they are best known for their cheddar bay buscuits which are personally muffins with cheesy exteriors, you can never go wrong with a set of their Seafood Delights and Bay Harbor Pasta.

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Seafood Delights come in a plate included with an alaskan king crab, a lobster as big as my hand and a set of really yummy buttered shrimps. While they come with dips of butter and another with vinegar, you don't really need them as the seafood themselves already are packed full of flavor and freshness.

The pasta is also flavorful, topped with shrimps, mussels and scallops and their serving sizes are actually good for up to 3 persons. So sulit here!
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If you need more recommendations for eating out with mom and the fam, Paradise Dynaasty is also a crowd favorite and for a reason. Check out my review here.

Romantic Dinner Date ideas at S Maison


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For dinner dates with your wife, or with mom, Epilogue is definitely the way to go. You can give all the trappings of a luxurious dinner without breaking the bank over here. If their Iberico Tomahawk smoked to perfection won't sway you, I'm pretty sure their Pizza Margarita topped with Buffalo mozzarella, stewed authentic romano pizza sauce topped with basil will definitely get your heart melting just how mom does with your heart.
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And don't get me started on these pretty and sweet but delicate desserts that perfectly complement those sweet times you can have with mom.

Also, you can buy bread here for 30% less come 4:30 PM onwards. This is to ensure freshness for their breads. Cookies excluded tho.

Siam Suhk Jai

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Feel the warmth of mom's love literally and figuratively here at one of the best places to get authentic Thai food- Siam Suhk Jai. This is the best and one of the more affordable places for a lunch date. Head's up- they'll be serving you some Sweet potatoes peppered with spices for starters. Everything else though you can ask to try and lower the spice level. Tom Yum Goong usually is served at the mild spicy level, but spice aside- it is really packed full of flavor that's gonna wake you up good.
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sam juk thai (15 of 19) IF you have low spice tolerance like me but your mom or wife loves her some Thai food, you should always start with the lowest spice rank that they have. Or just enjoy the spice and get yourself some Thai Milk tea or Iced Tea to combat the fire of flavors happening in your mouth.

sam juk thai (7 of 19) There are also kid friendly dishes here like the egg omelette with some pork which is a really awesome ulam with some garlic rice or even as a snack to your beer. Or the Pad Thai, which has absolutely no spice level and is served with some garlic on the side.
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Long Time Ago

long time ago s maison (3 of 15) A posh place with twists await you at Long Time Ago. There's a wall with a dino at one point and some fishies on the other, which will render you speechless, and that's what their food is about. Sichuan cuisine is all about being bold.

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long time ago s maison (15 of 15) My Personal Favorites are the Salty Pepper Shrimp (888 Php) which is good for up to 3 persons, and their Fried Shredded pork (388 Php) as an appetizer. They also serve milk tea aside from a wide array of bar drinks and juices.
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Chill with Mom at S Maison

Black Sheep Coffee

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If you're up for just some quick bites with mom plus a really nice and quiet place to contemplate with her, Black Sheep Cafe and Cocktails is a better choice than other crowded cafes in the place. You have your homey and aesthetic interiors filled with different textures, your coffee in a more affordable price with 4 types of sizes and the array of cakes, cookies and dishes that they have is just nice.

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You can also catch some good shots here, be it a margherita, mojito or a Summer Paradise drink just like this one which tastes real smooth without much side effect. This is made with a rum base so you're safe here. Besides, it's better to drink with mom instead of drinking behind her back. :D

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So, where are you taking mom for her awesome day?

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