Epson Focuses in the Details and New Technology to stay on Top of 2019

boracay epson pr (cover) Epson Philippines is planning to build upon new businesses and new technology while improving but minimizing dependence on their mainstream products. This and all other achievements of Epson were discussed during their annual media thanksgiving event, Fusion, now on its 10th year.

Said media party was done in Boracay, Aklan, celebrating 10 years of Epson's Media Thanksgiving event with Fusion 10: Bootcamp.

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New Tech Out of their Comfort Zone

Eduardo Bonoan, General Manager for Marketing, mentioned that Epson wishes to focus more on moving out of their comfort zone and trying out new and more progressive things —with obsession to details still deeply embedded in the Epson DNA. You can see this initiative with their high light projectors, their label, CAD, signage and textile printers as well as their Moverio Glasses.

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The Moverio Glasses has quite a lot of day to day uses. In Singapore for example, they are being used by doctors and patients for viewing ultrasound images. Another is that it gives pilots of DJI Drones a new and immersive experience by allowing the user to see the drone's perspective in a first person POV.

We also got to use some of Epson's printers during the boot camp, and all I can say is that they are quick, efficient and easy to use.

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With this they also plan on improving their printer system and creating a whole ecosystem out of it, and their Replaceable Ink Pack system is a start to that.
“To add to our exceptional performance for inkjet printers and scanners, the FY18 performance for POS and dot matrix printers, visual instruments and commercial & industrial products tells us that this is the perfect opportunity to build the new foundation for Epson here in the Philippines.” Added Sir Bonoan
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Last FY18, Epson Philippines posted an overall positive growth of 23%, topping FY17’s outstanding growth of 14%. In terms of product category, inkjet printers and scanners were the highest contributors at 70%, followed by point of sale (POS) and dot matrix printers at 14%, visual instruments at 11% and commercial & industrial products at 5%.
Under the build initiative, Epson Philippines will focus more on Epson’s cutting-edge Replaceable Ink Pack System (RIPS), LIJ printers, scanners, label printers, mobile POS, CAD, signage and textile printers, as well as its high brightness projectors.

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As it enters a new fiscal year, Epson Philippines sets out to penetrate niche markets while enhancing its operations to better address the requirements of the B2B segment.

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  1. ang nice ans efficient. Habang tumatagal i need printer na at home sa dami school proj ni eldest and Epson ang gusto pero doon muna ako sa medyo affordable naman.