Vice Duo Finish Foundation FULL Review | 245 Pesos for Full Coverage?

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Vice Cosmetics Duo Finish Foundation CLAIMS

Once I heard that Vice Cosmetics are coming up with their own foundation line, I was excited. This is because I already tried a few products from Vice. And their Blush, Glow and Contour powder products (review here) are all top of the line, at a really affordable price.

All people from the beauty community are shookt from the brand's launch as they did a sort of "Fenty" move, releasing shades not just suitable for the Fair Pinay but also coming up with EIGHT shades to start- including those for the darker and more Morena ones.

Vice Cosmetics are really delivering on their " #GandaForAll " motto with this Duo Finish Foundation.

Anyway, the claims of this Duo Powder foundation are:
  • Blurring
  • Oil Control
  • No White Cast on Photos
  • SPF 25

Price and Where to Buy 

Vice Cosmetics Duo Powder (9 of 16)

I got mine at a Vice Cosmetics kiosk in Robinson's Manila for 245 Pesos. You can get yours at the Vice Cosmetics website or at any kiosk/ Watson's /SM Department store in a mall near you.

Swatches and Longevity of Vice Duo Finish Foundaiton

vice foundation swatches with names
Above are swatches of all shades of the Vice Foundation. I have NC-35 toNC-40 skintone, depends if I went to the beach or not. I was torn between Moreyna and So Pinay, and the latter is what I bought in the end.

Vice Cosmetics Duo Powder (3 of 16)

I tested this when I went to events and commuted via MRT and Jeep. If you're commuting, you will need to double check if it became patchy around the areas where you are sweating. But coverage and oil control lasts for 2 hours on the t-zone for me on the hot summer commute.

longevity test vice foundation

It has good oil control for up to 6 hours under the aircon/office. Past that 6 hour mark and you will need to retouch cause the T-zone (my oily part) really packs up the oil after.

It has a Sheer to Medium Coverage when used dry- with a sponge or a brush. It gives a medium to an almost full coverage for me when I use it with a really wet sponge. I prefer to use the brush though as I can blend this powder better with that.

I normally use it to set my face after putting on concealer under my eyes. It has enough coverage to even out my skintone but not enough to cover the dark under eye circles I have.

 I love to use it with a brush or a dry sponge as it gives me the blurring effect better with those tools. Or maybe it's cause I am not really used to using a cake foundation of any sort LOL.

Tips on Using the Duo Foundation

  • First thing I noticed is to not use this when you are still sweating from a 40 degree temperature outside. Make sure that you've got a dry face or else it will patch up in some areas
  • Same goes for applying this with a wet sponge- BLEND WELL or else you will regret it with weird patches of powder all over your face.
  • You can use it to set your foundation or concealer if you're after extra coverage and oil control. 
  • Use a SETTING SPRAY to make it look more natural and not powdery or too matte. Setting with spray also makes the coverage last longer.

Is it Worth it?

Funny story with this one is that I recently got a tan when I bought one. I was inclined to go get the Morena shade, but So Pinay was blending better on my neck and chin after a couple of hours. Morena on the other hand was a bit paler and greyish looking on my skin for some reason, like it had a pink undertone. Which made me go and buy So Pinay.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks and now So Pinay is a shade darker than me cause the tan is kinda fading. But it's alright for me as I have a couple of lighter shade of foundation that I can top off with So Pinay, and make said foundation match me better.

Vice Cosmetics Duo Powder (10 of 16)

It is definitely worth it, and I am buying more when this one hits pan.

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