Hotel Venus at Chung King Mansion | Why you need to RESEARCH before BOOKING

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We went to Hong Kong last month to have a bit of family bonding. While it was not us who booked the tickets and the hotel, I guess we should've at least confirmed everything with my husband's sister who booked. And RESEARCHED so that we did not regret things.

A Detailed Review and Experience at Hotel Venus in Chung King Mansion

Chung King Mansion in Hong Kong

While the place looked promising outside, inside it felt like we were teleported back to Manila. Specifically in Divisoria. HAHAHA

Chung King Mansion in Hong Kong

As it was named "Hotel Venus", this is what we were expecting. This is what we saw in their adverts anyway:

Chung King Mansion in Hong Kong

Chung King Mansion in Hong Kong
My daughter's getting a power nap in the train while sitting on our luggage hahaha

We had a 5 AM flight to Hong Kong and since my husband had some last minute work the day before, we had no proper sleep. Imagine the tiredness and stress, and once you get to your hotel, this is what welcomes you:
Chung King Mansion in Hong Kong

The thing is, his sister got fooled into thinking that the hotel she booked is an actual hotel. There were even good reviews at google maps about the place. And I guess it was also partly our fault as we did not research about it. And hey, it was cheap so YAS! (Don't trust the photos.)

Personally I think it should be called a capsule instead of a hotel as this is NOT what you would expect. A hotel has proper legroom for at least you and your luggage. While we have already encountered small rooms in Japan's Route Inn at Nagoya, I think this one really takes the cake for being the smallest hotel room ever.

Chung King Mansion in Hong Kong
You can get a better view of the bathroom in the video. The photo does not do it justice.

Here's our vlog about the place. I think I explained things better there.

The Good:

  • There was a shower and a toilet. 
  • There's a dental kit and shampoo/shower gel
  • The aircon works really good.
  • The "lobby" was kinda dirty. The room was clean-ish.

The Bad:

Our Parents got KICKED OUT. So we looked for another better hotel around the area.

My husband's parents got kicked out of the room that they are already in. The thing was that the receptionist assisted them to a bigger room with two beds. A couple of hours later, it was an error and the receptionist asked my husband's parents to evacuate the room and they got transferred to a one bedroom place much like ours.

Imagine that it happened while you were sleeping, you get a knock asking you to evacuate your room. Naturally, they were a bit pissed and opted to just get another hotel.

The thing is we are already paid for 4 days and 3 nights. A room at Hotel Venus in Chung King Mansion costs 3000 Php or 60$ during peak season (estimate, give or take a couple hundred pesos), and we paid full for 4 rooms. That's 30,000 Pesos down the drain.

And we transferred to Imperial hotel which costs 5000 pesos or 95$ per night per room on estimate. We got 3 rooms to accommodate 12 persons for 3 nights. We paid for 45,000 pesos for the whole thing.

Which could have been avoided if only we did more research.

Tips when touring Hong Kong

So here's a tip to all travelers who are doing things as a group:
  • Make sure to double and triple research everything. Check what the hotel really looks like in videos in youtube. Don't rely on google maps reviews only. We got fooled there a bit as all reviews about Hotel Venus there was positive. There was no feedback about how many square feet there really is in the room.
  • Double check your tickets especially for the time and for the baggage. Another thing we unfortunately experienced is that the round trip tickets my husband's sister got for our group had no return baggage. So we had to ask in the airport to let us buy at least 60KG of baggage (divided into 3 groups) just so we can bring all our stuff back to the Philippines. LOL.
  • Better that you do your own tour. You can save a lot by using Klook to book tickets to say, Hong Kong Disneyland or their Ocean Park. You can also ask your hotel for transfers to the place, like what we did when we went to Ocean Park. I'll be posting a better and detailed experience later.
I hope this blog and our vlog helps other people who are traveling to anywhere in the world. Always be vigilant and do your research before clicking that book now icon. :D

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