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Hong Kong Ocean Adventure

Right after my contractual work ended, my family and I booked a trip to Hong Kong, because well, I guess my in laws were "feeling it". Hehe.. Yes, I am very blessed cause they wanted the whole familia bonanza to come and enjoy the sights, and especially Disneyland... Dyusme lang, para akong bata nun kahit na 21 na ako hahaha! If I had known that I would be starting a blog again soon, I would've made a video for you guys... ;)

So it was actually really tiring cause our flight was scheduled at like 2 am in the morning and set to arrive in Hong Kong at around 3:30... Sakit sa ulo grabeeee. but the trip was worth it cause or first stop was the much talked about Ocean Adventure...

There were all sorts of sights to see, and right when we arrived there was a festival on going. :D

We also experienced being up in a cable car,just to get to the other side of the theme park which by the way is really awesome. Jenae's so excited cause she's seeing all sorts of new things! Grabe lang sa laki eh!

Although we did arrive to the other side of the theme park via cable car, we got back to where we started in this submarine themed train that went under the big mountain you see there.

Of course since it is aptly named "Ocean Adventure", there are a lot of animals that we got to see, from dolphins to penguins, pandas and even jellyfish! Unfortunately, I was too busy looking that I forgot to take photos of some animals.

If you're bored from the animals and still have energy to burn, you can try out their rides that are really high, really fast and really awesome. I was already too tired to actually try them out cause of my kids, but I know that I can make bawi naman for the next day.. :D

The place was so cool that Jenae was speechless :D

I'll show you more photos later on. 

Next up: Hong Kong Disneyland

UPDATE: We recently went back last 2019 to Hongkong, and here's a snippet and hotel review from that trip


  1. Haha ang cute ni Jenae sa last photo! Totally adorbs. You look like you had so much fun there. I wish we can Disneyland too!

  2. Ang aga nga! I'm not sure if I can wake up that early for a flight or not go to sleep....buti your daughter was able to handle it.

    But the place looks fun nga. :)

  3. Hirap magtravel with kids but seeing them enjoy is sooo worth it noh? We've also been to HK and my son really enjoyed it there. :)

  4. HK Ocean Park!!! I fell in love the first time I step on it. The place is colorful. So many rides for the young and young at heart . Wish we could visit it again...soon. Enjoy your HK adventure :D

  5. nde nun natuloy ang hongkong trip ko... but i am planning to bring my son to hongkong when he grows a bit bigger para ma-appreciate nya... thanks for sharing, now i have an idea what to expect :D

  6. The last picture of Jenae is sooooo cute! I miss Hongkong. The last time I went was honeymoon with my hubby almost 5 years ago. Looking forward to going back with our little boy. He's just 2 1/2 years old. So we'lll wait a little longer so he'll enjoy the trip more! :)

  7. Nice trip and your kid really enjoyed it :-) super aga ng flight ha, we are planning next year for HK vacation with the whole family. I've never been here lagi na postponed when we are in HK when are still kids.

  8. bonggey ang in laws mo! hahaha

    2 am flight? ayayay! masakit nga sa ulo nyan.. pero sabi nga nila, the early bird catches the early worms :)

  9. So much fun! Kahit nakakapagod nakakatanggal naman ng stress ang experience lalong lalo na kapag nakita kong so happy ang iyong kiddo :)

  10. I would love to bring my kids to Disneyland. They would definitely enjoy it especially my little one. 2am flight? Bring it on! For a trip to Disneyland I'd go all out!

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