Hongkong DisneyLand! | I lost my kid and other stories

 Street Views in Hong Kong  

So here we are for part two of my family's Hongkong Trip. For day two we went to this baywalk in Hongkong, where there is a "Walk Of Fame" sidewalk just like in Holly Wood. There are statues of Jet Li and hand prints of famous people imprinted on the cement.

This plate photo souvenir is actually the very first proper family picture that we had. Usually, since me and pichi are the photographers of the family, we are the ones who are assigned to take family photos and when the other members will take a family photo with us both in the picture it shows up blurred. hahaha!

Hongkong Disneyland Rides and Outfit

Jenae's OOTD:

Red sleeveless blouse with flower details from Zara

Pink Pants(thrifted)

white boots from Baclaran


White long-sleeved blouse(thrifted)

Black Shorts from Baclaran

Black leather flats with Purple ribbon details from Rusty Lopez

I planned our OOTD to withstand the long walks and rides of Disneyland, as I had an idea that we will be going there that particular day.

Disneyland is truly a magical place for all kids and kids at heart. There’s happiness in every place and aside from the rides, there is also the parade of Disney characters from different movies and cartoons.

Jenae did have a real fun time there, and in this photo we’re actually on a ride, one of those flying spaceship things in Tommorow Land. Lucky shot, as it is pretty hard to do a selfie when using a DSLR on manual mode. :D

As for me, I really really enjoyed the Space Mountain ride with all it’s twists and turns. It really can’t compare to all roller coaster rides here in the Philippines with it’s fastness, and with the really dark setting, it feels like you’re gonna be smashing on those asteroids and stars!

Excuse the face, I guess that's how I look like when riding ANY type of roller coaster... hahaha!

Here we are goofing around the Adventure Land part, and really feeling the vibes of being in jail hehehe… And speaking of adventures, Jenae actually got lost in Disneyland for real. So what happened was we entrusted the kids jenae and rafael to the grandparents(grandma, grandpa and tatay, so that’s like 3 persons looking out for 2 kids) cause we wanted to try out the ride in Toy Story Land that’s inspired from Toy Story’s military toys and their parachuting ways.

When we return, Jenae was nowhere to be found and just imagine the heart attack I had when gramps and tatay told me that Jenae is actually LOST. Profanities started ringing in my head, followed by guilt and then I started to walk towards possibly where Jenae was last seen. Fortunately, a guy who works for Disneyland, complete in a costume of said military toy dude held my daughter who immediately reacted when I called her name. After that, well, she never let go of my hand again. :D #MajorAlmostHeartAttack

To be honest, 9 hours wasn’t enough to cover the whole Disneyland and enjoy each ride/ attraction inside. I’m really hoping to comeback and have a redux of it, when my kids are old enough to ride on almost all of the rides there para suit! So there we go, that was my experience and misadventures in the land of fairytales and make believe, Disney Land. :D

More of our journey : Hongkong Ocean Adventure.

UPDATE: We recently went back last 2019 to Hongkong, and here's a snippet and hotel review from that trip.

*Updated photo links and other details January 26, 2020


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  1. Never been out of the country..and it's one of my wishes to go to HK. :)

  2. My son would love to go there! He'd enjoy Toy Story Land! I hope we can bring the kids someday in the near future!

  3. I miss HK. For me naman, one day is not enough so I was really happy na one night and two days kami nagstay sa Disneyland. I almost die in Space Mountain ride sa takot pero ikaw naenjoy mo. hehehe! Good thing, buhay kaming tatlo paglabas.

  4. OMG, I would HAVE a heart attack if any of my kids get lost, waaah! Good for you that some guy had a presence of mind to keep her from straying farther.

    Nice outfit, by the way, suits you. :)

  5. The last time I went to Hong Kong was about 18 years ago. Way too long ago! There was no Disneyland there yet that time. I'd love to go back and bring my kids there. Good to know you guys had a great time despite the fact that your daughter got lost for a while. That would have given me a major heart attack too!

  6. Oh my gosh, I'm glad it all turned out well! Ako pa naman si praning, buti anak ko medyo praning din hahaha. I looove your photos!

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