My Very First | Blogapalooza 2014


Blogapalooza 2014 is actually my very first blogapalooza and it was an overwhelming and fun experience for me. As I stepped into the hall of SMX Convention Center in SM Aura,, I was lost for words, and I felt like I was stumbling and just letting the happy waves of the event get to me. Eventually I found my peace and I settled on just fine, talking and getting to know different brands and people. I’ll tour you around the event okay? :D

I started with what was up front and upon the entrance you’ll be greeted with View Park Hotel and their #Wackypalooza Photo Booth. :)

There were lots of fun games to play and each booth had their “pakulo” from Chooks to Go with their chooks games and Ideal Vision with Just Dance played on a kinect, to Zomato’s spin and dare game :D

There was also a lot of beauty brands in said event which made me giddy, and food brands that made me all the more excited. The only thing that can contain my happiness for makeup is actually food. :D I'll tell you about my Niu and my Krispy Kreme experience later on in another post :D

Here’s Sample Room, and Flawless....

Flawless had this Pop A Zit game, of which I got a couple of bags from it and a lot of laughs! Unfortunately, I forgot the said bags at the Blogapalooza event( I think by the stage) along with a printed photo from Bondsey Jaden that I only remembered while I was standing in the train of the MRT. Dyusmio. hahaha!

Chips Ahoy! was also there, with new flavors for us to try! I really loved the chewy choco mint flavor although in my taste it would be better if it was on the crisp side. :D By the way they are gonna be holding a launching of their Ice Cream Creations( yes, they’re making ice-cream now too!) this October 18th at SM MOA. All you have to do is purchase a pack to get a pass good for 3 persons and to participate in the upcoming exciting booths and activities. If only it wasn’t my family reunion I would be there as well. I mean like, HELLO, it’s CHIPS AHOY!!!

I also got the chance to meet with new brands as well, like Bondsey Jaden, who establish themselves as Digital Brand Architects dedicated to building iconic brands in the online world.

I was real ecstatic to see the Canon Booth cause well, my husband and I are Canon users. I got to know more about their offers, and I’ll be posting about them soon, along with the other brands that I haven’t mentioned as of the moment. ;D

I really really enjoyed said event, unfortunately, I went there alone( a last minute adjustment) and so not much selfies to post. Mahirap kasi mag selfie na ang gamit ay DSLR hahaha :D

I’m definitely gong to the next one! How 'bout you? :D

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