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Pixy Cosmetics Lipstick Swatches and Review

So here's my collection of the Pixy Lipsticks! I got them last August, and I hope you're ready to get a full detailed review about these babies! :D

On to the Nitty Gritty:

Pixy is a Japanese Formulated, Indonesia Manufactured drugstore product; thus it is more suited to most Asian skin tones. Pixy can be seen in various SM Watson's stores, including one in SM Sucat(like one ride or one long walk away from moi, so I'm lucky!) . :) For more information about the brand please go to my previous post, Pixy Philippines Launch|| #GetPixyfied!

Pixy Cosmetics Lipstick Swatches and Review


Love your curves and your edges... Pixy's Silky Fit Lipstick in Satin and Semi Matte are housed in a cool and warm pink shade respectively, with a scallop design and the Pixy logo on top of the cap and has a slight curve with the word PIXY for the body. It looks like a packaging that's more suited for teens and young adults. It feels a little light but is sturdy nonetheless.

Pixy Cosmetics Lipstick Swatches and Review

As for the Lasting Matte Variant, it's packaging screams more to the elegant side, with a deep fuchsia color, and the tube is basically matte when it comes to texture. Another difference is that instead of the scalloped design for the cap, it's flat with the pixy logo on top as well. I like that you will get the assurance that you have closed it nice and shut when you hear that "click" for all of them lippies.


There are 3 varieties of the Pixy lipsticks texture-wise, and it's Silky Fit Satin, Silky Fit Semi Matte and Lasting Matte. I'm intrigued by the Semi Matte since it would appear to be the best of both worlds when it came to lipsticks. :D

Price and where to get:

Silky Fit Satin is priced at Php 245.00 per tube, Silky Fit Semi Matte is at Php 265.00 per tube and Lasting Matte at Php 325.00 per tube. Pixy is available at various Watson's and SM Department stores. There's one here in SM Sucat's Watson's and according to Lady Rattus, there are a few more branches in Festival Mall in Alabang, SM Aura, SM Bacoor, SM MOA, Podium Mall, Don Jacinto and Market Market. And the best part is that they will be branching out soon to provincial parts of the Philippines as well. :D

Coverage, Finish and Swatches:

Generally, all the lipsticks from the Pixy Line are very creamy and really really easy to apply, due to it having Almond oil and Vitamin E probably, and all lipsticks' color stays true in the tube and when applied.. :D So, plus points for that! Oh, and if you apply it, you'll also notice that these lipsticks smell like candies... YUM!

My lips' natural color

Pixy Cosmetics Lipstick Swatches and Review

Autumn Apricot and Pinkish Peach

Now let's talk about them one at a time... For the Silky Fit Satin, the Autumn Apricot shade is leaning towards a mixture of coral and chocolate color. Pinkish Peach's color is a nice nude pink tat will bring out our girly side. I love that when it came to the Autumn Apricot color, I only need 2 swipes usually to get full coverage color, but I guess since I have pretty pigmented lips, it takes me 3 or more swipes to get a full opaque color when it comes to Pinkish Peach. The nice thing with the satin variant is that it's more moisturizing compared to the others, and as the day goes on it kinda dries to a matte finish like Color Collection's ultimate wear lipstick, but without the extra tint. Color lasts for 2-3 hours before reapplication, but it may vary if you just ate or if you have a tendency to lick your lips a lot.. ;D


As for the Silky Fit Semi Matte, I am quite curious and happy initially cause I have kinda chapped lips most of the time, and I really really love matte finishes when it comes to lipsticks but I can't always wear it cause wouldn't look good on me most of the time. So as I had said, it's the best of both worlds :D

Coverage wise, it only takes 3 swipes of this to get a proper opaque color. Misaki is leaning towards a slight coral-orange. This color is my holy grail MLBB. As the day goes it can last you a good 4 hours until you have to retouch, but when you eat up, you have to reapply said lippie. If you don't reapply, it has a tendency to accentuate/ create flakes on your lips throughout the day.

Nudy Kiss

Lasting Matte is another great product, since it applies creamy and turns matte in a few minutes. For me it's like Miner's Matte Lip Cream in a tube. The color Nudy Kiss is the epitome of nude, but it's also not gonna make you look too pale even when paired with just eyeliner and mascara. :D

Pixy Cosmetics Lipstick Swatches and Review

Tips and tricks:

It may settle on and sometimes enhance the fine lines of your lips as it is also leaning on a satin finish so be sure to apply balm or better yet- exfoliate before use. ;D
Pixy Cosmetics Lipstick Swatches and Review

*Wearing Autumn Apricot at the center part of the lips, and Revlon in Mink on the outer corners


Repurchase? YES! I'm so looking forward to the satin finish of this cosmetics line cause it was what worked best for my lips. I can live with the retouching part, and I'll be getting another shade soon. :D

Hope you liked my detailed review on these babies!

UPDATE (Aug 2021): Pixy is no longer operational in the Philippines, but I do know that they're still up and running in other countries. I hope my swatches helped you out!



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