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Letting our kids discover what they like, and what they can do through various workshops is one of the best gifts you can give to your kids. While there are your usual sports clinics, music classes, I personally like it better if my kids learn more life lessons. This is where Dohtonbori Kiddie Kitchen comes in.
dohtonbori kiddie kitchen

#JenaeSnaps and her Dohtonbori Kiddie Kitchen experience:

Jenae usually loves to help me out, especially if I'm baking some cinnamon rolls or sticky buns. I know that she loves making and cooking food for herself and her brother, but I am really scared to let her have the reins when it comes to cooking with an actual hot stove/grill.

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Dohtonbori and their Kiddie Kitchen experience lets our kids cook over a hot grill, but it is done in a controlled environment. 

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Things started out with a bit of the Okonomiyaki and Dohtonbori History, and they also explained what they were gonna be cooking at the time, which is a three meat Okonomiyaki for the first part and a 3 cheese pizza for the second part of the workshop.

While my daughter did have allergies with the chicken, Dohtonbori is careful and did not iclude chicken in her bowl. When you enter your child in their workshop they will also ask you about allergies, to ensure a safe and happy experience for our kids.

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There is a "head chef" at every table/grill that they will be cooking, and as a safety precaution for the kids the hot grill is lined with a damp towel. They also have the kids play a version of Ryan's Toy Reviews game, the "grill is lava". This is to ensure that kids will not touch the stove in a fun way. Usually, when the head chefs are prepping their ingredients.

Here's a peek at their class schedule:
Jenae definitely had lots of fun, and I also got what I wanted from the workshop as a mom.

This is to introduce my daughter with the wonders and dangers of a hot stove or grill in a fun and controlled kitchen. 

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So that when I have her help me out in the kitchen, be it cooking pancakes or other breakfast treats, I know that she can handle herself pretty well.
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And more than just cooking, my daughter got to interact more with other kids, learned a few new japanese words, got another try at eating okonomiyaki, which we ate before when we went to Fujiten Ski Resort *VLOG HERE*

How to Join Dohtonbori Kiddie Kitchen:

Just visit any Dohtonbori branches near you, fill out the registration form and pay for the Kiddie Kitchen package. Or you can go to their instagram at @dohtonbori_ph and click the link in their bio to join.

Workshop Prices:

The workshop costs 700 Php or 500 Php, depending on the inclusions as you can see below.


Dohtonbori Kiddie Kitchen Schedule:


We ended things with a mini graduation of sorts, and the following day, my daughter is insisting that I get ingredients so she can make another cheese pizza. :D While Dohtonbori said this is their first time to give a workshop of sorts for kids, I feel happy that my daughter was able to experience the joys of cooking, exercising a bit of her independence and made friends along the way.

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