Affordable Care for your Ultimately Vibrant Hair with Creamsilk Color Revive

cover Last week, I got the chance to meet the  Queen Pia Wurtzbach at the Creamsilk Vibrance Studio. This mini pampering and photo studio of sorts was Creamsilk's way of introducing their latest hair innovation for the modern filipina- the Creamsilk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Color Revive.

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Affordable Care for Color Treated Hair with Creamsilk

I've done quite a lot of colors to my hair in a short span of two years. I learned a lot about hair care during that time. I did purple and green, but I loved red the most. The only downside to this was:
  • bleaching and coloring your hair in bold colors can leave our locks dry and dull in a couple of days, losing that awesome vibrance.
  • sulfate free shampoos and conditioners that actually smelled good and gave enough "conditioning" to my hair are usually expensive. 
This is mostly the reason why I kinda gave up and just chopped it all off. It was expensive and exhausting to  maintain. But this is why I was really happy to be in Creamsilk and their Vibrance Studio.

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The Triple Keratin Complex found in the Utimate Color Revive has Keratin Relaxers to tame rebellious frizz, Keratin serum to revive chemically treated strands and keratin essence to restore the extreme dullness after a week of your bleaching and coloring session. These helps the haircolor to stay on longer, and also replenish the nutrients lost from coloring which leaves hair vibrant and soft.

Creamsilk Vibrance Studio

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The staged Vibrance Studio that Creamsilk had was to help us modern filipinas embrace any hair color and bring out our ultimate vibrance. Ladies with different colored hair were able to partake in their four immersive rooms themed after the well loved hair color of filipinas. There was the Red Room which was all about making a bold statement and is filled with chic and cute items which I really loved.

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The Brown room was a nail lounge where we got to add a bit of pop to our nails to complete our looks. The Blonde room was a fun little place which featured a prosecco bar. Which you can enjoy a glass of before going around the whole studio. The multi tone room is an aombre inspired room which served as a powder room where we can up our glam by having a bit of hair styling done as well.

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While I do miss my long and colored hair, Creamsilk's Vibrance Studio helped me appreciate my short and funky black hair more. But of course, I'm definitely excited to get back to those bold colors that made a statement because an affordable hair rescue like Creamsilk Color Revive is now available to us Modern Filipinas.

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Creamsilk Color Revive Price

The Creamsilk Color Revive with Triple Keratin Rescue is available in all leading supermarkets and stores for :
  • 5Php for 10 ml
  • 149 Php for 170 ml
  • 259 Php for 340 ml
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For more info please check out or search for #MyUltimateVibrance #UltimatelyVibrantHair

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