Moms get Pampered with Beko PH

May 12, 2019

Today is Mom's day! I got the chance to go to Robinson's Magnolia last friday to witness Beko PH give a bit of the fun back to the mommies with their "Mother's Day Out" event at the activity center of Robinson's Magnolia.

moms day out with beko ph

We got to experience make up sessions and tutorials, including a how to do your makeup in 15 minutes- the same time it would take for you to finish laundry if you're using Beko and their Frontload Washers. Said washing machine has “Xpress Super Short” a 14-minute cycle that is suitable for lightly soiled small load of laundry up to 2kg. Hence more time for that "me time" or more time to spend with the kiddos and your husband!

moms day out with beko ph

moms day out with beko ph
They also had us enjoy Chef Gerick Manalo's Pasta Arrabiata made with Contadina Sauces from Del Monte and of course, Beko's split and cook ovens which has gas for the stove and an electric oven so we can finish our cooking time in a snap. Two different meals with different temperature needs and durations at the same time in one single cavity oven.
moms day out with beko ph

moms day out with beko ph
Aside from providing quality care for our food with their refrigerators, washing machines and ovens, Beko also provides their customers with a 10 year warranty for the appliances with every purchase.  And cause it is mom's day, discounts are abound aside from the fun pampering that Beko PH gives us this weekend.

Gurhan Gunal Regional Sales Director of Beko Asia Pacific is set to grace the event and will address the audience with his opening remarks. Also present are Dyeun Zapanta, Assistant General Manager together with Cecil Placia, Marketing Manager of Beko Philippines.

“Filipino moms deserve a day out and we at Beko, aim to deliver that. Aside from the fun activities of the program, we would also be introducing our technologies to mothers so that they may have the better option of owning intelligent appliances in washing, cooking, and storing,” said Dyeun. “We believe that missing out on valuable family moments to tackle everyday challenges at home is to waste away precious memories. That is why we developed these features to assist them in managing personal time and chores.”
moms day out with beko ph

“This is also the perfect time to buy a special gift for mom as a Special Mother’s Day promotion can be availed from May 10 to 12, 2019. Hurry and visit your nearest Robinsons Appliances branch and inquire about this limited offer,” Cecil added.
Beko acknowledges the different roles mothers provide to their families, acting as the light of Filipino home, the gentle manager, the provider of healthy and delicious meals, and the director of proper compartmentalizing. As the Official Partner of The Everyday, Beko has installed features to partner with mothers to complete everyday household responsibilities, so that they may have longer meaningful time for themselves and their loved ones.

To learn more about Beko and the technologies in their appliances, visit their website at or follow them on their Facebook page:

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