Cheap and Tasty Yakiniku or Korean BBQ at Sanga Tabata in Tokyo

One week in Tokyo is definitely not enough. On our last night, Jobert and I had one of the best surprises and awesome food we had that week, Sanga Korean Barbeque in Tabata, Tokyo.

Korean barbeque here in the Philippines is one of the better things in life. There is the so called unlimited slices of sagmyupsal and such.

But we all know that if you really want to make it sulit and not just stuff yourself full, then you will have to order some of the better cuts and parts ala carte.

It can be quite costly here in Manila as usually, ala carte prices for pork start at 350 Php and for beef it starts at around 500 Pesos.

Sanga Tabata Korean BBQ

Sanga Tabata Korean BBQ in Japan has prices you won't believe, and cuts that are a bit better than the ala carte versions here in Manila. I think I might be ruined for the unlimited korean barbeques that I am used to having here in our own country. LOL.

Here are some of what we had:

Sanga Tabata Korean BBQ (1 of 3)

Sanga Tabata Korean  BBQ

Sanga Tabata K-BBQ

They have unlimited kimchi and lettuce, and we had pork and beef galbi for us and japanese hotdogs for the kids. The rice is also ala carte. I consider the place quite large and kid friendly as it  looks like it can handle around 60 to 70 people. For a restaurant in Tokyo, I would say it's large as they usually have really compact spaces for restaurants. It opens at around 5pm till midnight though so no lunch here.

And here's their menu:

Sanga Tabata Korean  BBQ

Sanga Tabata Korean  BBQ

Yes, I understand that the menu is in Japanese. But the things that we ordered are basically Beef Galbi, Pork Galbi and Pork strips/ sagmyupsal. All are priced at below 300 Php (500 Yen = 231 Php as of this writing)

Sanga Tabata Korean  BBQ
The above items priced 480 yen to 580 yen are the ones we definitely ordered. 

Sanga Korean Barbecue is found in Tabata area of Tokyo, but if you're planning to go there I suggest you use the JR Yamanote rail/train, get off at Komagome station, use the exit which goes down to a tunnel and walk around 10 minutes to get there, as it is quite far from the actual Tabata station. Here's a screenshot of google maps and our way.


As I said, one week in Tokyo is not enough. And if ever I get to come back anytime this year, I'll be heading straight here in Sanga Tabata Korean BBQ for some yummy but cheap priced cuts of beef- yakiniku style.

Sanga Tabata Korean  BBQ

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