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Colourette Cosmetics Sansa (12 of 14) There have been different types of Colourtints that Colourette has launched over the short time that they launched in the local makeup scene. I'll be sharing with you my thoughts on Colourette Colourtint in Sansa, the price and of course, swatches!

Packaging, Price and Where to Buy:

These colourtints from colourette left the local beauty scene changed as they are not your usual water gel tints- they're actually made with argan oil. It would also explain why the nail polish bottle- err I mean the packaging has a label of "Shake me up real good!". Because for the color to properly work on the lips or cheeks you have to mix it well. Much like an actual nailpolish.

Colourette Cosmetics Sansa (11 of 14)

I am still baffled with the brush applicator, as you really cannot blend with it- only apply. From what I read in their website you can store these for up to 24 months.

You can buy these Colourtints at BeautyMNL, Lazaada, Shopee and their physical stores for 249 Php. You can check a list of their branches at their website at the end of this post.

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I have the shade Sansa which comes in Matte. They also have a fresh variant of this, but I am into matte lips more so I bought it. I wanted a brownish shade though, but the saleslady thought this would better suit me. I never thought much about rich magenta colors, or anything bright pink. But for some reason, this color suited me quite well.

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I get the hype this had in 2017, as these matte tints are REALLY blendable and the opacity on both my upper and lower lip is insane. And at that price of 245 Php, these Colourette Colourtints are really tipid. They will last you for a long time. It is because you only need a drop to cover your whole lip, and even less for your cheeks.

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This is me wearing the tint on my lips and cheeks. Below, they lasted for about 5 hours, and then I ate oily lumpiang toge, but the cheek color is quite persistent. I am impressed as it did not dry my lips unlike other lip tints that I have tried over time.

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Honestly, for most lip tints I am not a fan, especially the water gel types as they tend to color only half of my lips. And since I'm in love with matte finishes, this lip tint is a godsend for me. It is a lighter version of the Superstay Matte Ink in my opinion. This is kissproof once it sets, but you have to wait for it to dry. And don't eat oily food as it is it's mortal enemy. hahaha!

Definitely buying another color!

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