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It's SUMMER here in the Philippines! Aside from our favorite Halo Halo spots sprouting on our streets, I'm pretty sure you are looking around for the next vacation getaway. We went to Sand Bar Beach Resort, located in Calayo, Nasugbu which is a usual 2 hour drive from Manila for last year's summer get away.

Yes, I know, but better late than never right?

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Anyway, Sand Bar Beach Resort is located in Brgy. Calayo, Nasugbu. Their color palette is lovely with the white and blue. It feels like a little piece of Santorini with their theme.

Please note that this is a photo heavy post and has six parts:

  • Sand Bar Beach Resort Rooms
  • On Calayo Beach
  • Inflatable Water Park in Calayo, Nasugbu
  • Island Hopping to Bituin Cove (Angara Cove)
  • Loren Island Sand Bar
  • How to Commute to Calayo, Nasugbu Beach Resorts

Sand Bar Beach Resort Rooms

Sand Bar Beach Resort Calayo

Sand Bar Beach Resort Calayo

They have around 10 rooms in estimate and 2 of them are great for 12 pax. Sand Bar Beach Resort also has a kubo type room (last year it was priced at around 3000 Php or less), which was supposed to be our first choice but they said it was reserved for the 2 days out of 3 that we planned to stay. They have dormitory type rooms now, but what we got was their basic room priced at 3,500 pesos last year. It has air con, queen sized bed and own showers.

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We opted for a no TV cause there was no need for it - kids had their games in the tablet, we had our laptop and we really did plan to just enjoy the beach and eat good food. We were surprised that the room we got had two beds and so it was really perfect for our family of 4.

Excuse my not so great photos of the room, but you can read why that is here.

Here are some more recent photos of their facilities as taken from their facebook page:

Sand Bar Beach Resort Calayo

Sand Bar Beach Resort Calayo
They have a common kitchen with ref, but the bigger rooms that can accommodate 12 pax has their own kitchen. You can also opt for a Daytime Tour as they have cabanas available to use.

Take note that they have no Wi-Fi, and mobile data signal is sketchy at best. Get ready to be unplugged and relaxed when you come here. Also, just save your IG stories for posting later if you really want to post a nice video.

They also have their own restaurant, but we opted to just order and eat in our room. Here's a copy of their menu:

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Sinigang na hipon is really great, and is perfect for three or more persons per serving :D

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You can find the contact number of Sand Bar Beach Resort at the end of this post.

Calayo Beach

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Calayo beach is a public beach lined up with different houses and resorts so don't expect anything private. Unlike Punta Fuego though, I liked it more as there are eateries you can go to, there is a sort of night life, and if you're going home make sure you buy some fishes from the local vendors. If you know how to bargain you are definitely going to score some awesome fish and other Batangan delicacies. The beach is nice and clean as the sand is fine. It may not be white sand but at least I did not experience a super rocky experience unlike the one in  Sitio Biga, Laiya.

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A photo of the shore during sunset.

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If you find Sand Bar Beach Resort full, there are other resorts lined near the beach which you can stay. Also, I love that there are eateries and halo halo stalls outside the resort where you can get your fill of much needed street food and Tulingan. :D

Other Beach Activities in Calayo, Nasugbu

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If you get tired of Calayo Beach, Sand Bar offers island hopping and other activities for guests to enjoy like:
  • Island Hopping
  • banana boat
  • yacht rentals
  • jet ski
  • Inflatable Water Park (Near Sand Bar Beach Resort)
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What we opted for though was the island hopping part and the inflatable water park because we wanted to see what else is there.

MB Cove Inflatable Water Park

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We spent most of our first day here and the kids are definitely happy. MB Cove has their own resort and Inflatable Water Park, and they are a 5 minute walk form Sand Bar Beach Resort. We got there on a friday and their price for 2 hours of inflatable water park fun is:
  • 300 Php for adults
  • 150 Php for kids 

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I suggest you go there on a week day to save up on expenses, and usually 2 hours is enough to enjoy the experience. Best time to have fun at the inflatable water park is around 3 pm onwards, depending on the weather.

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What I loved about this inflatable water park is that they had a kids area which is a rare occurence. Jenae and Rafael really enjoyed the inflatables and super sulit talaga ang two hours namin dun.

You can cehck MB Cove Facebook Page at the end of this post.

Island Hopping (Bituin Cove and Pulo Island)

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Their boat has a capacity of 8 to 10 persons for 1200 Php. We were only 4 but we still paid the full price as we couldn't wait for other passengers. We really wanted to make the most of our day and I think it was worth the price. :)

Bituin Cove or Angara Cove

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sand Bar Calayo Nasugbu (169 of 298) Locals know of it as Bituin Cove but they said that the area is owned by Sen. Edgardo Angara, and it is around 20 minutes from the beach. You can definitely go and camp here as well as see the stars, and they have a sari sari store at the center selling not just the usual. If you brought some rice they can cook it for you. There are fees of course, but I forgot to ask how much is the overnight camping fee. We only paid for the entrance fee which is 25 pesos per person.

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Sandbar in Pulo Island or Loren Island

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According to our boatman, this island is owned by Sen. Loren Legarda herself. There's also a sordid love story involved, but I think that part is all rumor so I won't write it here LOL. Anyways, I like this island better than Bituin cove just because Loren island has finer beige sand unlike Bituin Cove which is a bit pebbly. The island has two beaches and what looks like a sandbar that links to another rocky islet. I think most people go here because of that sandbar. :) 
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Calayo has a nice tourism management ongoing as they have a limit to the number of people who can stay in the islands. We were not able to stay long in Loren Island. This is because the boatman and the dude handling the environmental fees said that the island is full already and we just got off because I really wanted a photo.

How to go to Calayo, Nasugbu Beach Resorts

We traveled to Nasugbu by private car, but you can also commute going there. While our starting point was Las Pinas, these three routes will suit you fine if you're coming from anywhere in Manila.

Private Car Routes

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  • Via Cavitex: This is the route we took. We entered Cavitex and exited on the left toward EPZA. It led us to Antero Soriano Highway which goes through Kawit, Tanza, Naic and Ternate, Cavite. If you take this road you will also go through the Kabiyang Tunnel,the longest subterranean road tunnel in the Philippines. You’ll reach Brgy. Papaya in Nasugbu then Brgy. Calayo. You can stop here, but if you want to go to Nasugbu Town Proper, just continue driving on Nasugbu-Ternate Highway.
If you go through Kabiyang Tunnel and are getting hungry, you can do a stop over at Mountain Brew Coffee Shop. 
  • SLEX (South Luzon Expressway) has 2 routes:
    •  Take Santa Rosa Exit and stay on Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road then on Tagaytay-Nasugbu Road. (You can also take Eton City or Greenfield City Exits to avoid traffic jams in Sta. Rosa.) You will not miss Nasugbu here as it will definitely have a BIG Arc saying "Welcome to Nasugbu". You won't miss it. 
    • Or you can exit at Carmona and continue driving to on Governor's Drive road to Naic. Once you reach a cross road, turn left and continue on to Governor's Drive and onto Nasugbu-Ternate Highway. You will still go through the Kabiyang Tunnel and reach Brgy. Papaya and then Brgy. Calayo.
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Via Bus

Ride a bus at your nearest bus terminal headed to Nasugbu and drop off at the town proper. Then you can ride a trike to Brgy. Calayo or Brgy. Papaya, but a special trip will cost around 300 pesos as it is quite a long ride- the trip will take up to 45 mins. from the town proper. Anywhere near the town proper though, the fare will cost for around 50 pesos only.

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There we go! I hope you enjoyed my kwento on our last year's beach getaway! I am definitely coming back to Sand Bar Beach Resort soon for our next trip in Calayo! If you want something affordable and great when it comes to accomodation Sand Bar is your best bet in Nasugbu.

Happy Vacations and Safe Travels!


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