How To Be Happy : Three Things to Remember

How to be happy?

cover photo cebuana happiness The thing with our present life is we measure happiness in terms of experience and material things. And with the prevalence of social media sites in our life, we see other's status and photos as their happiness. And tend to think that their life, their status, experience is better than what we have. While it is not bad to always strive for something better, if we do it in the hopes that we will attain happiness from those experiences and things, then we will just get disappointed. Because once we have attained that, the human nature is to always want more.

Besides, that is not TRUE happiness.

True happiness lies in things that you would not believe. Are you ready to know what they are?

True Happiness is a Choice.

I had the privilege of meeting one of the Happiest Pinoys that have proven this quote. Mr. Winston Maxino is the first hailed Happiest Pinoy by Cebuana Lhuillier and his story is quite daunting. You see, right after he was diagnosed with an auto immune disease which gives a staggering amount of pain in every fiber of his spine, he also received news that his daughter had Down Syndrome. A two for one right?

cebuana luhillier happy

But he persisted. He was by no means that optimistic but he had the foresight to just live one day at a time, and definitely with a smile on his face. He was resilient for still living and hoping, and trying to spread happiness despite his situation. He persisted that day we met him, actually. He was not feeling well due to his said sickness, but he was still there with us, trying to show us bloggers what it means to be truly happy.

He made his choice to stay positive and persist. He made his choice to be happy.

As he persisted, his daughter also persisted. As he stayed optimistic and happy about his life despite it all, his daughter, his family received the best possible blessing they can have. Doctors said that his daughter had very few years to live, won't finish elementary school at most and more.

But right now, his daughter is out traveling the world and has graduated with a degree in Education, and is currently a teacher.

Here's a video about Mr. Maxino's auto immune disease, Ankylosing Spondilitis by one of the try guys, Zach, to give you a better idea:

Mr. Maximo was nominated by his sister at the time the first Happiest Pinoy contest was held. He did win 100,000 Pesos at the time which he gave to charity. Which brings us to my next point to remember.

Happiness Begets Happiness. 

He gave away his winnings to charity. Because it makes him happy to know that he has made other people happy. And this is true for most things in life. Waking up with a smile on your face, and with your train of thought towards trying to be happy, you will see the good in things. And if you see the good in things, you will see and have good things in return.

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Think about it. That time you got bumped and spilled some cola on your shirt because that person was rushing, if you are happy (or have happy thoughts), you'll just let it slide. You will be more patient. You never know if that person rushing is doing so because he has an emergency at home. His pregnant wife might be in labor. He might be needed in the hospital. And if you just let it slide, especially if the dude said sorry, then no harm, no foul right?

Happiness is not a solitary pursuit. It is a collective right. If you make other people around you happy, you as well will be happy to know that you have helped them in some way. And those people will also be happy to try and help you, and it becomes a cycle of spreading cheer throughout the community.

How to Make a Habit out of Happiness

Two words: Laughter Yoga.

You can do this by waking up every day with a really big grin. Stretching your mouth to the point that your cheeks are raised and your eyes are almost closed. And inducing a laugh. Forced laughter soon turns into real and contagious laughter. Once you do that, you will feel a bit more lighter and more ready to start the day with a positive outlook in life. 

That yoga was the second part of the program. There we were, laughing like hyenas after a couple of self induced laughs. Laughter yoga works by promoting the use of breathing activities in-between laughter exercises as a way to relax the body and mind. Once you let go of yourself and relax, you become more calm and more content. You get a clearer mind. 

Or just give smiles.

Cebuana Lhuillier Happiness

When I went home, I had two cupcakes and a side of hugs ready as pasalubong for my kiddos and my husband. The smiles I received when they saw the cupcakes, along with hugs and that "we missed you mommy" coming from my kiddos gave me an even bigger smile. And made my heart expand a bit more in a good way.

Cebuana Lhuillier Happiness

Truly, happiness is a cycle.

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  1. I like this - happiness is a cycle. True! And i feel saddened because spot on sa sinabi na human nature is to want more.
    Im a follower of Cebuana page and i saw this man. But i never examined why he was the one being chosen . Hala, ang hirap ng pinagdaanan niya much more upon knowing pati anak niya. The video too made me shed tears.
    Cute ng kiddos mo Ms Nicole, contagious smile too.😊