Finding my spirits at Sitio Biga, Laiya


Last weekend was a really happy one for me and my family. We finally got out of the house and off to parts unknown... And the destination?


Sitio Biga, San Juan, Laiya, Batangas.


I have been feeling restless lately, to be honest. My spirits have been down, and I am currently fighting my life's biggest enemy- procrastination. I can't really get my muse for writing to work with me lately, and I just wanted an escape.


Turns out- all I needed was a bit of true family time. A time away from all of the worldly things tying us to the ground like the internet and heavy work schedules and generally, the negative stress emanating from the house I live in. And now, I'm very much excited to get myself out of this funk. :D




There are lots of wonderful places to check out in my own hometown province, as I am once a resident of Lipa in my childhood. But this will be the first time that I went a bit father south. The place itself is very pristine, and I personally liked it much better than the over the top resorts that I usually see and have come to.


Do take note that when you get here in Sitio Biga, Laiya, what will welcome you are smooth stones and corals, and some patches of not-so-fine sand and massive rock formations. Things to do here in Sitio Biga are banana boat riding, flying fish riding, renting out the water skis, snorkeling and visiting coral reefs. :)



We just rented out a couple of tables with a roof over our heads, and a big ass jeepney that's enough to bring all of our family of 40+ (including kids :D ). And of course, since a jeepney can only accomodate up to 20 adults usually, we also brought a couple more cars to accomodate.


And my parents and titos and titas brought lots of food enough to feed the Laloon Army. XD


Life is definitely good for me at the present. Now, after having saved myself out of the negativity emanating around me, and fighting off the laziness, I'm ready to face the world again. But for sure, I'm definitely coming back to check out the Laiya Rock Formations and Mt. Daguldol :)


Next up on the list: More food and beauty reviews, and an update on my next great adventure! :D

The place where we stayed had no entrance fee by the way, and we only paid for the cottage which ranges from 2000+ to 4500, depending if you're up for the tables only(1500 per long table), or if you want to get one with actual rooms. The Banana Boat rental, Jet Ski and Flying fish are at a standard of 2500, per 30 mins up to an hour, and you can always work your bargaining charm at play if you want to get a better price :)


  1. Hi Nicole! Was wondering if you can help me with the directions to this beach place you mentioned in your blog. We'll be coming from Manila. Also, does the place have a name so we would know how to find it?

  2. Hi Jam! So sorry if I'm replying only now, but I didn't really know how to get there and had to ask my uncle because he knows the way more. We were on a private vehicle by the way, and he gave the ultimate shortcut for this. " Pasok ka sa lipa.Then turn left going to rosario/p.garcia way (Mercury landmark). Then pagdating s diversion ng garcia at rosario, left papunta sa palengke ng garcia or way to tiaong. Then pagdating s 1st intersection ng garcia, turn right s benthan ng mga baka. Deretso na..labas na ay s way ng san juan..."

    You have to continue going on until you get to Porto Laiya, and just go straight after Porto Laiya. You'll encounter mountainous raods, much like when going to tagaytay or baguio, and the very end of the road is Sitio Biga. :)

  3. Thanks for the direction Nicole! Really appreciate it. I really want to spend time in less crowded beach these days. This place you've got here looks perfect. <3