GenYum: Meeting Jolibee's 2016 YUMbassadors #ProudGenYum

When you think family, fastfood and happiness for the kids, Jolibee pops up in your head. Anyways, the country's number one family fast food chain is proud to present to today's Millenials their newest batch of Yumbassadors: young Filipino achievers who have excelled and continue to trailblaze in their own respective fields- serving not only as a role model but is also representing today's Generation 'Y'.

Today's roster of Jolibee Yumbassadors are truly world class, composed of talented and passionate individuals like Social Entrepreneur Rachel De Villa(23 y.o.), young inventor Angelo Casimiro(16y.o.), record breaking runner Mea Gey Niñura(16y.o.), reel and real life couple James Reid (22y.o.) and Nadine Lustre (22y.o.), international model Kelsey Merritt (19y.o.),spoken word artist and performer Juan Miguel Severo (27y.o.), model and agricultural entrepreneur Jairus Ferrer (25y.o.),outstanding student and aspiring doctor Christopher Valentin (20y.o.), international race car driver Marlon Stöckinger (25y.o.), and world-renowned all-girl group 4th Impact (20, 24, 26, 28y.o.).


"This year’s batch of Yumbassadors are proof of how millennials are – passionate, driven, determined, and always going for the best. [They] were chosen because of their passion for the langhap-sarap ng buhay,” said Jollibee Philippines Head of Marketing and Global Brand Chief Marketing Officer Francis Flores.

They do not settle for mediocrity. This generation, the Gen Y or #ProudGenYum, are impressive individuals and each of them are out to change the world,” he said.


I got pretty impressed with Angelo Casimiro, being an inventor and delivering awesome out of the box creations to this world like his sneakers that can convert foot pressure to electricity. His in-sole power generator gives new meaning to the term"power walk", as slipping the deceptively simple device under a shoe sole can turn an ordinary speaker into a pwerbank and charge up your mobile devices and LED lamps. Pretty much what one would need with the continuous blackouts happening in various parts of the country, my hometown province Inisluban, Lipa City included. ;)

Anybody up for an exercise run anyone? :)


All in all, I am very proud to have been part of this unveiling, and I'm so happy that Jolibee got to scout these very talented, determined and passionate people who we all know will impress us more in the future. After all, like what 4th Impact had said- "We believe doing everything 100%, 'yan po ang tatak Pinoy"

yan ang tatak YUM ng Jolibee! :)

To know more about Jollibee’s new Yumbassadors, check out Jollibee Philippines’ official YouTube channel by typing in “Jollibee Philippines” in the keyword search.

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