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Six articles, two about food, a tonne of food photos that's been edited and one hungry Nicole later...

Okay, so I've been on a roll lately as I write this. And since I want to take a break from all the food that I sorely miss, and the way too relaxing bed of Midas Hotel and Casino (more on this staycation soon ;) ), I'm back to my first love- the one that started this blog:

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More specifically, I'm reviewing the Sebum Out Compact by w.Lab. This baby has been a staple in my on-the go makeup kit lately, and is a big help to keep my foundation from melting off in the damn pugon that is the summer sun.

The Nitty Gritty:
This compact containing white powder is said to take care of 4 issues of the skin, namely:

  • Remove oil thoroughly and work as a makeup Fix

  • Cover up enlarged pores

  • Control excessive oil

  • brighten up skin



Nice, simple and matte. I love that! No need to worry about this guy looking like a crime scene, because it doesn't leave fingerprints! Also, it has a mirror inside, and a cute puff for those quickie touch ups!
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Price/Where to Buy

TBH, I don't know how much this sells here in the Philippines. Because W.Lab is not really available here. I only got this baby through Althea Philippines, and it sold there for 560Php, regular price. And then, Althea always offers discounts, so I got this at around 50% off- resulting to Php 280.00 :)

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I use this lately, because of the scorching hot weather that we have here in Manila. What I usually do is use this a setting powder over my concealer, and all over the face as well. It's claims of brightening up the face is pretty remarkable, and it can stop oils for around 3-4 hours more.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"]IMG_6622 San San HD Foundation + Sebum out as finishing powder[/caption]

As a setting powder to the San San HD Foundation (which  you know makes my face look like a frying pan after a couple of hours for some reason), it works wonderfully!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="512"]1400378_1176518982380691_4526454901338638428_o Snail BB Cream + Sebum Out as setting powder :)[/caption]

I usually use a brush when I apply this as it looks more even and natural.


Best pressed powder I have ever used! Definitely buying again! Once I hit pan that is. :)

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  1. Nice review! I remember the years I used pressed powder as well. I've tried a few, even some with tint or pink blush. :) I have long stopped using pressed powder though.. Don't usually have very hot summers here in Scandinavia, so I only use moisturizer on my face. Will likely give it a try when I went home in PH. ;)