Wear Your Sport with New Roger Federer x Uniqlo Game Wear

RE_uniqlo_2021_oz_RF_1130(1)Wear your sport! Uniqlo recently launched replica game wear of the styles to be worn by UNIQLO Global Brand Ambassador Roger Federer at the Qatar ExxonMobil Open 2021-his first tournament after returning to the ATP Tour  . 


The Tennis game wear was developed by the design team at the Paris R&D Center, led by Christophe Lemaire, in consultation with Roger Federer. You can also go twinning with your kids as UNIQLO has added replica wear in kids’ sizes as well. All of the items are made with DRY-EX material recycled from PET bottles.

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Roger Federer commented: “2020 was a challenging year for us all, and I am looking forward to things improving around the world in 2021. Working with the UNIQLO design team, we were able to continue to innovate the design and functionality of my 2021 outfits. We moved around the placement of the seams for easier movement and added mesh panels for enhanced breathability. More importantly, I am happy that UNIQLO is continuing to use polyester fibers from recycled PET bottles for its DRY-EX material, while still making it very comfortable and functional. After being away from competitive tennis for over a year, I look forward to being able to wear these new items very soon and am very excited to make my return to the sport I love.”

Roger Federer model: The new model features a stylish color and design of a dark green base with color gradation around the collar, and bright green accents at the lower sleeve edge. The wear is made with ultra-fast drying DRY-EX material, and three different types of mapped meshing in sweat-prone areas for improved breathability, providing maximum support for intense play. Get yours for only Php 1,490!

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DRY-EX made from recycled plastic bottles: A key UNIQLO sustainability initiative is the development of DRY-EX products made of polyester fibers recycled from PET bottles. This unique material was made possible through partnership with Toray Industries, one of the world’s top fiber and materials innovation companies. New filtering technologies to remove impurities in recycled PET bottles allows for the production of high-quality specialty fibers. The new material retains the moisture- wicking functionality of DRY-EX, while providing a level of comfort that allows players to perform at their best.

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  1. Wow these are nice, I like the design and quality. It's nice that it is eco-friendly and made from recycled plastic bottles. It is a simple way to help the environment.