Sofia Andres Blossoms with her Sooper Beaute Family

It may feel like we're being thrown under a bus with all that is happening lately, but from what I have seen in life we can always break through and bloom to be our very best. Even despite an adversity. One of the most celebrated Filipina start up cosmetics company, Sooper Beaute definitely believes in this idea, and is ready to help girls and ladies of all types to bloom and be their best self.

Sooper Beaute Welcomes Back Sofia Andres

Sooper Beaute also welcomed back, Kapamilya actress Sofia Andres as its endorser. This is in part of the official media launch of its "Breakthrough and Bloom" campaign at the Azumi Boutique Hotel in Alabang, Muntinlupa.

Sofia was very fun, blooming and yet also has that air of elegance that really embodies the new look and feel of Sooper Beaute. The Pinay- owned cosmetics company started in 2013, and Sofia was the first muse of Sooper Beaute in 2016 when she was only 16. 


"Sofia has come of age and embraced motherhood at its fullest," said Sooper Beaute founder and General Manager Jessica "Aica" Palma. "With a blossoming career, rapidly-rising followers, and a growing business on the side, there's no doubt that she is a woman of limitless beauty!"

The young actress was the first muse of Sooper Beaute in 2016 when she was only 16. "We found it easy to decide to make her our muse once again as we transition to the New Sooper Beaute because Sofia has grown into a versatile woman. Aside from being an actress, she's a mother, a painter and a fashion inspiration," said Palma.

Fast forward to their incoming 9th year anniversary in the business, and Sooper Beaute's management decided to transition its branding from bright and youthful to minimalist yet chic—targeting young professionals who grew up with the brand. This new branding initiative was conceptualized during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic where everyone experienced major changes in their lives.  

What's NEW? Clean, Minimalist and Targeted Results with Sooper Beaute

They have launched a lot of new things with the new packaging, most of which I will definitely be reviewing soon. They are all about clean and honest beauty using less ingredients but gives great results. 


Their must try for me currently are their Serums, Body soaps, pure oils and the multi use plush tints. If you want a fuss free, travel friendly tint they also have Lip and cheek rolly tints perfect for this.


I am also very excited for what is next with Sooper Beaute and here's a hint: It gives coverage and protection for our skin! With their items doing a level up but staying affordable, I am sure that we will all love what is next for Sooper Beaute. 

Ms. Jessica Palma explained that as an eight-year-old brand, "Now that we've learned to live with these new changes, we've discovered new interests, new talents and a new mindset,"  said the thirty-something mompreneur. "My kapwa Filipinas, we've had a breakthrough. Now we’re ready to be the best version of ourselves. We bloom."

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