Pocky has a New Look and a healthier take today!

Our favorite snack just got healthier and cuter! Since its launch in Japan in 1966, Pocky has maintained its core concept while gradually changing its packaging and formulation to keep up with the times. A new Pocky range just launched in the Philippines last June 8 and it suits the changing consumption scene and purchasing behavior in Southeast Asia. It will be available in major supermarkets and online stores such as LazMall and Shopee Mall.

Healthiness in Pocky with High-Fiber and Wholewheat

We're all looking for healthier choices and more guilt-free products. In line with this, Glico has added fiber into the pretzel of Pocky which offers more health benefits. The added wholewheat into the pretzel also gives it a lighter and crispier texture.

The rich and smooth chocolate gives the right balance of sweetness while enhancing the unique aroma of the chocolate flavors by adjusting the ratio of cream to biscuit.

Design Attention

We've also made a few design changes to better convey the appeal of the natural ingredients. In the Share packs, the link to the package of the standard pack has been made stronger and easier to understand.

“The year 2022 marks the 100th anniversary of our Glico Group. In that year, we are pleased to celebrate the new re-staging of our flagship brand, Pocky. We want to be a brand and a company that evolves together with society, while keeping our core unchanged. More Happiness, More Goodness! will be delivered to the Philippines.”

- Mr. Takashi Miki, Marketing Head, Glico Philippines, Inc.

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  1. Yay love it yes to healthier and yummier na snacks 🤗🤗 perfectly din kahit sa kids