Rapoo C500: 4K Video quality for Meetings or Streaming at a Really Affordable Price

Leveled up high quality streaming camera for a budget price point? Rapoo Philippines lives to deliver that to us with their Rapoo C500 4K Quality webcam. It was so good that I'd say I can also use it as a quick sit down vlog set up too. After using it, I believe it is one of the highest quality webcams I have used. If you're a teacher or someone who wants a better quality of videos when they stream, read on to find why this is the best video set up for you!

Rapoo C500 Specs and what to expect:

Inside the box you'll find 3 items, which makes the minimalist in me quite happy. It contains the manual, a Type-C USB Cable and the Rapoo C500 Webcam

The C500 has a 4K resolution and auto focus camera at a frame rate of 30 fps. The C500 is powered by a type C cable which comes with the package which is 1.5 meteres in length with a USB 2.0 end. The webcam also has a flipabble cover that ensures your privacy when you are not using the camera. 

As for the camera, it has an 80° wide-angle viewing angle plus a built in omnidirectional dual noise reduction microphone.


The lens of the C500 is equipped with a five-layer coated lens, which can effectively improve the light transmission rate and image quality to restore more realistic colors. Best part for me is that it is a Plug and Play set up, so you can easily plug it in and use on zoom, school meetings or even a sit down vlog set up or Live. 


The camera itself has a built in stand that is reasonably heavy. Said stand can be bent and adjusted in a variety of angles, allowing it to be conveniently positioned on top of your display. And you can also set it up to a tripod, since it has a metal quarter-inch thread at the bottom.

Video and Audio Quality Test

I tested this in a variety of settings, one of which you will see below. I find it very crisp and sharp for details, that it even shows my hair's fly aways. If you have a soft light or mini ring light it gives off a better look. The Rapoo C500's exposure adjustment is based on the entire frame, so if you have a white wall or other strong light source behind you, the camera may underexpose your face, which will not look good.

The 4K label on the Rapoo C500 isn’t just for show, it actually delivers. It gives a significantly sharper image quality than the other Full HD cameras. 

Another plus for me is that sweet price of 3,895 php, since most 4K webcams from other brands give the same quality but cost for twice as much.

Full specs:

Product Type: HD webcam
Resolution: 2160P (4K), 3840*2160
Maximum frame rate: 30FPS
Interface type: USB2.0
Lens: HD lens
Focus mode: auto focus (fixed focus)
Microphone: omnidirectional dual microphone
Product size: 136*28*37mm
Applicable type: LCD monitor, desktop computers, notebooks
System support: Compatible with Mac OS 10.6, Windows7, Windows8, Windows10 or higher; Chrome operating system, Android 5.0 or higher

C500 is priced at 3,895 php and Available at Silicon Valley, Pc Express, Complink

 * System requirements: Windows-7/8/10 or above, Mac-OS X 10.6 or above, Chrome-operating system, Android-5.0 or above.


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