Wok Alley in BGC gives Fresh, Fast, Tasty Rice and Noodles with Singaporean flair

Sometimes you just have this craving for a quick but filling meal. Think: the ultimate comfort food cooked to order, served fresh in less than 10 minutes with a kick of Singaporean spice and flair. Wok Alley in BGC gives us just that with their fresh and tasty fried rice and noodles.

This restaurant I found with friends while walking around Bonifacio Global City. It was a couple of minutes' walk from The Fort where we parked. Once there, you're greeted with the fragrant smell of the fried rice, and it is a sensory experience as you can see the noodles and rice being made in front of the store. Here's a peek at their menu and what we had:

Wok Alley Fried Rice with Salted Fish (245 Php)

You're getting a classic with this egg fried rice. It is served with crispy salted fish, bean sprouts and premium Japanese pearl rice topped with spring onions. They also have this in house made chili garlic that is surprisingly a great umami booster, making the dish extra awesome, but has a gradual hotness. I myself have a low spice tolerance but this chili of theirs along with the fried rice? OMG. Heaven.

Wok Alley Mdm Chan Spicy Pork Rice (₱285)

The inspiration behind this one is the owner's mom's cooking. It is a stir fried rice with spicy, premium pork tenderloin, crispy egg, a bit of seafood and sliced cucumbers. This is a moderate on the spicy scale for most people but if you have a low spice tolerance, this would be an 8 out of 10. 

There is a sweet-ish and savory taste going on with the pork tenderloin, and the sliced cucumbers actually help to settle the spice of the dish. I'd definitely order this if I want something on the heavier and more filling side, if only I did not have a lower spice tolerance.

Wok Alley Stir Fried Udon with Chashu (₱275)

I never really liked thick type of noodles, but Wok Alley converted me. #UDONnumbaWAN  hahaha! Think fresh udon fried with a sweet and savory sauce. The best iteration of this is if you get it with  their flame-torched pork belly chashu. 

You're also getting it with egg, onions and cabbages topped with spring onions, but I suggest getting this with extra mushrooms cause the mushrooms along with their chili garlic really amp up the flavor and change it into something even better. 

Wok Alley Stir Fried Mee with Shrimps (₱265)

If you like thinner noodles then this is for you. The flavor starts out with fresh noodles fried with  prawns in a sweet and savoury sauce. Somehow, the noodles get to a very caramelized but light flavor and texture. 

You're getting it with egg, sliced white onions and shredded cabbage topped with spring onions. Another must try.


If you're looking for that Limited Edition Marshmello Coca Cola Zero then drop by Wok Alley, they have this yummy vanilla-ish drink there too!

All their dishes are on a cute takeout box, and you can customize it with add ons like mushrooms, torched chasu and others. I can definitely imagine myself watching a movie and having this as my dish instead of popcorn for a change.

The best dish for me here would definitely be the Udon with Chasu. 

It is said that you can have a box for sharing but that fried udon with mushrooms? I can definitely finish one box and maybe even order another. LOL. 

Its a great place to hang with friends and family, as they have a bit of seating too. And the food definitely delivers that Singaporean taste that you're wanting. No need to go on a plane and ride to Singapore to satisfy your craving for comfort food- just order in Wok Alley BGC and have it delivered via foodpanda!

Wok Alley

Ground Floor, Two Maridien Tower, 26th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Monday-Saturday: 11am to 9.30pm

Sunday:11am to 8pm

FB: Wok Alley | Facebook

IG: Wok Alley (@wokalley)

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