Reverse Aging with Aesthefill: The Lumi Skin Ultra BioStim

We've all wanted to look a little less tired, a little more fresh. Fillers have been an anti-aging staple for decades by filling in wrinkles, adding volume to areas that appear sunken, and when strategically placed, give the face an overall lift. . It is a compliment to other injectables such as botox.

Fillers are usually made with Hyaluronic Acid, a soluble material that fills in small crevices and areas as an implant typically would, but will eventually break down and be released from the body naturally. It’s considered temporary reshaping as you would need to be back again after 4 months to maintain it.

Today, fillers have advanced with better technology, such as Calcium hydroxylapatite, and it has collagen stimulating properties. This means that while they add that instant volume like hyaluronic acid fillers do, they also give your body a push to kickstart a localized collagen production. As the fillers dissolve, you are left with collagen produced by our own bodies and a longer expectancy of the filler substance. 

Luminisce is always on top of the best services to give to us and Aesthefill is the next step to that.

 Aesthefill is the newest filler and biostimulator of collagen in current existence that is FDA approved to be safe for aesthetic use. It is even more advanced than Calcium hydroxylapatite or other collagen stimulators—the effect is a lot more natural and a lot safer. Plus this is also made in South Korea.

Here are four reasons why I tried it out for myself. Results of my session with Dra. Kaycee are also below.

Aesthefill is Safer

Aesthefill is now made up of FDA-approved PDLLA or Poly-D L-Lactic Acid, a form of Poly-Lactic Acid that’s even safer. Biodegradable and biocompatible, this polymer has been used in the medical industry for many years.

Aesthefill Strengthens The Skin

Aside from collagen stimulating, Aesthefill is also considered a skin strengthening filler. The acceleration of fibrous protein regeneration is what makes it special. The skin is gradually strengthened and fortified. This makes the filler perfect for treating wrinkles caused by aging. 

Aesthefill Looks More Natural

Aesthefill relies less on the solution’s capability to create volume and fill areas, but simply allows the body to begin supplementing the volume on its own. It is almost like a treatment for the body to heal itself, versus a band-aid solution that will only temporarily add volume.

Aesthefill Lasts Longer

It does not show much immediate effects, as the actual substance only lasts in the body for about a week. Over time, or a period of approximately six weeks, the body itself creates the volume, one that effectively lasts for about two years. 

My Experience with Aesthefill at Luminisce

I had them just under my eyes, to add a bit of puff and make my eyes look less tired. There is significant change right after, but I loved it better when the swelling went a bit down more. I am very much satisfied with the results as it looks really natural, and I am also excited to see the created collagen once my six weeks come up. 

Looking to try Aesthefill? It may be the answer you’re looking for to treat laugh lines, forehead lines, chins, tear troughs, marionette lines, jawlines, temples, cheeks, cheekbones, neck, and the nose. Book a consultation with a Luminisce dermatologist today to  get your own bespoke customized  treatment plan for your age related skin and body concern. 

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