Cheers to World Gin Day: Ginebra San Miguel and Celebrities Embrace the Cool, Clear, and Versatile Spirit of Gin

Get ready for a gin-tastic celebration like no other because World Gin Day is here, and Ginebra San Miguel Inc. (GSMI) is making it a blast! GSMI, the genius behind the world's top-selling gin, is bringing the fun in a "cool, clear, and versatile" way. This year, the festivities kick off last June 8 with a media launch at The Westin Manila in Ortigas, and a series of events throughout the month will make June the ultimate World Gin month.

World Gin Day (WGD) is a global celebration that happens every second Saturday of June. And guess what? GSMI, the trendsetter in the Philippines, brought the first WGD festivities to the Asia Pacific region in 2014. Back then, GSMI was commemorating the 180th anniversary of their flagship brand, Ginebra San Miguel. Since then, gin enthusiasts eagerly anticipate GSMI's month-long activities, which not only honor gin's lasting impact on our drinking culture but also recognize its role in celebrations, fiestas, get-togethers, and even our everyday victories.

"We join gin enthusiasts worldwide in celebrating World Gin Day. As pioneers of this event in our country, we aspire to ignite a greater appreciation for gin's outstanding qualities among more Filipinos. After all, gin is a drink that's 'Cool, Clear, and Versatile,'" says Ron Molina, GSMI Marketing Manager.

'Cool, Clear, and Versatile'—That's what gin is all about! Gin has been around since the 17th century and remains wildly popular today, especially in Europe and the Philippines. People love it for its unique taste, which combines the flavors of juniper and a variety of botanicals, giving gin that classic yet "Cool" vibe we all adore.

The "Clear" quality of gin comes from a meticulous distillation process that brings out its best flavor. With nothing to hide, gin is unpretentious and known for its "Versatility." You can savor it straight or mix it with other ingredients to create fantastic cocktails.

To make this celebration even more exciting, GSMI has teamed up with three authentic personalities who perfectly embody gin's unique qualities. 

Gin Is Cool: Zanjoe Marudo, the actor and model, loves the cool and refreshing gin experience to make his day extra special. For him, being cool isn't just about style and moves—it's about being calm too. Zanjoe's gin of choice is the ever-popular Ginebra San Miguel, which has been his favorite since his Batangas days.

Gin Is Clear: Basel Manadil, popularly known as "The Hungry Syrian," chooses GSM Premium Gin, a distilled gin made with natural ingredients and fine botanicals. As Basel would say, "always be CLEAR with your intentions no matter where you go. Because everything you do can make an impact on others."

Gin Is Versatile: Actress and comedian Herlene "Hipon Girl" Budol prefers her gin to be versatile—a drink she can enjoy in countless ways. Herlene's love for versatility extends beyond drinks and into life itself. Her transformation from a comedian to a serious pageant contender has won over Filipinos, captivated by her charming wit, down-to-earth personality, and remarkable versatility. According to her, "In life, one should be versatile. If you're good at one thing, you can be good at anything! Stay true while learning many things."

These three amazing personalities—Zanjoe, Basel, and Herlene—will not only grace the WGD celebration but will also be present at various events of GSMI during the "Gin Is In" festivities throughout June.

GSM Bar Academy graduates ‘mix’ back

But that's not all! Another highlight of the WGD event is the presence of three talented mixologists who graduated from the Ginebra San Miguel Bar Academy. This incredible partnership between GSMI and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) has given Filipinos the chance to change their lives through education in bartending, flairtending, and basic entrepreneurship.

The GSM Bar Academy's goal is to produce globally-competitive and job-ready graduates while elevating the bartending profession's quality. In 2022, the GSM Bar Academy achieved an astounding 100% immediate employability for all its graduates. During WGD, three bar academy graduates—Jhyrus Denver A. Domingo, Angela Felarca, and JP Peñaflor—employed in top bars in Metro Manila will showcase their mixology skills in a friendly competition. They'll be crafting extraordinary cocktails featuring Ginebra San Miguel, GSM Blue, and GSM Premium Distilled Gin.

The success of the GSM Bar Academy in transforming the lives of students and their families hasn't gone unnoticed. In fact, the program will be awarded the prestigious International CSR Excellence Award, set to be presented on June 16 in London, UK.

But wait, there's more! The celebration doesn't stop there. Ginebra San Miguel Inc. has planned exciting events nationwide. 

Around 50 bars across the country, including those in Pampanga, Naga, Cebu, and Cagayan De Oro, will host mini events as part of the WGD celebration. These bar activations will offer exclusive promotions, raffle giveaways, and outlet merchandising, giving everyone the chance to immerse themselves in the celebration.

To keep the excitement going, Ginebra San Miguel Inc. will launch the second season of G-MIX Nation Online Series, hosted by the fantastic Luis Manzano. This series will introduce new cocktail recipes, and alongside it, the Home Bar Kit will hit the shelves. The Home Bar Kit includes Ginebra products and tools for mixing different kinds of cocktails and is available online and at select supermarkets.

So mark your calendars and get ready to declare your love and support for the vibrant local gin culture. Ginebra San Miguel, the country's pioneering and oldest consumer brand still in the market, has perfected the art of producing quality gin. From the classic Ginebra San Miguel to variants like GSM Blue, GSM Blue Flavors, and Ginebra San Miguel Premium Gin, they cater to different tastes. The recently launched 1834 Premium Distilled Gin has become a favorite among those with sophisticated palates, thanks to its infusion of classic juniper berries and unique Philippine botanicals like Sampaguita and Calamansi.

GSMI takes pride in producing Ginebra San Miguel, the world's largest-selling gin, according to the leading global drinks journal, Drinks International. They also offer other quality distilled spirits like GSM Blue Light Gin, GSM Blue Mojito, GSM Blue Margarita, GSM Blue Gin Pomelo, GSM Premium Gin, Antonov Vodka, Añejo Gold Rum, Primera Light Brandy, the Philippines' no. 1 Chinese wine Vino Kulafu, and the newly launched G&T Ultralight Spirit Drink.

Get ready to sip, mix, and celebrate because World Gin Day is just the beginning of a series of exciting events that will keep gin lovers enthralled. Ginebra San Miguel continues to be a timeless classic, perfectly in tune with the times. Cheers!

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