The Secrets of Cavinti | Visiting Cavinti Eco Adventure Park, Lumot Lake and their Secret River

August 11, 2017

This post is WAY overdue. Hahahaha! Anyways, I was with Philippine Bloggers Network for their 2nd Digital Social Responsibility last April (Teh. August na. Anung petsa na!). They held seminars for the Youth and the LGUs of Cavinti, focusing on the topics like different Social Media Ettiquetes, how to capture the beauty of Cavinti through photography and a little bit of insider's note on Vlogging and Blogging.

Cavinti Adventures Laguna-141
Afterwards that, we got to tour around Cavinti with some of the youth that PBNet taught.


We stayed in a tent the day before, which was pitched near Lumot Lake at Cavinti Eco Extreme Adventure. From what I remember, if you want to rough it up you can do camping for 500/head + rental ata (I kinda forgot sorry... just click on their fb page above ayt?) The 500Php is sulit because they'll give you mattress inside the tent as well as pillows and bedsheets.

Cavinti Adventures Laguna-17
Sunrise at Cavinti Eco Adventure Park

Cavinti Adventures Laguna-24

Cavinti Adventures Laguna-21

Cavinti Adventures Laguna-18

Cavinti Eco Adventure Park also offers Kubo rentals (and yes, you can sleep in them comfortably) and lots of activities, from kayaking, ATVs, visiting Japanese Garden tour, and visiting the Underground Cave of Cavinti, which I will be talking about in another post. :D

Banana Boats and jet skis and flying fish! YAS!

Cavinti Adventures Laguna-32

Cavinti Adventures Laguna-33


Testing out the ATV :D

Cavinti Adventures Laguna-131
So on to the adventures, we first went to a tour of Lumot Lake.

Cavinti Adventures Laguna-129

Did you know that there are bungalow type houses atop islands scattered in Lumot Lake that you can rent? We also got to do a bit of bird watching as well as see fishermen do their thing while touring around the lake. You can check out more of that tour on my youtube video :D
Cavinti Adventures Laguna-187

The first stop was a deserted island atop said lake. We got a bit of laughs and amazement as I saw a dog cross the lake while swimming. It was so cute!

The next stop we did was Cavinti's "Secret River". I cannot tell you where exactly it is, just that it is quite near to Brgy. Paowin.
Cavinti Adventures Laguna-165

Side note: Brgy. Paowin has their own Ancient language/dialect based on Latin. Check it out in the video below.

Cavinti Adventures Laguna-169

Cavinti Adventures Laguna-173

 The secret river is so refreshing. I tested the water, and the cool rush and sound of water crashing the rocks is something that lured me in. I cannot resist so I took a dip. :D
Cavinti Adventures Laguna-181


Here's my whole adventure with Lumot Lake in Cavinti plus their "Secret River" and a test of their Ancient Dialect:

 Stay tuned for the next post! :D

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  1. It seems like you had real adventure.The views are really beautiful.Specially the views of the lake.I also love to have experience of staying in a tent.So far no opportunity. :)

  2. I haven't explored much of the Laguna area yet pero I really want to visit this province soon.. Cavinti and Pagsanjan are my target but I want to visit their churches too
    Gusto ko din itry yung ATV riding hehe

  3. I have heard a lot of good things about Cavinti. I hope I can go there with my boys one of these days. It sure is exciting to visit their lake and the secret river and go camping with my boys!

  4. I miss the outdoors. It's been awhile since I did something adventurous. I'd love to sleep in a kubo and have nature surround me. I think the last time I slept in a tent was way back in college. Your post makes me want to head out for an adventure outside the city.Great pics!

  5. The place looks good for outing and team buildings. I havent been to Cavinti in my adult life lol. Good to suggest this to family and friends. Btw, hope to join the network too ;)


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