Got to be a kid for a day at Acer Day Grand Ballpit Party


Acer launched "Acer Day" which was celebrated worldwide last August 3. In keeping with the theme of "Be Cool Everyday", Acer here in the Philippines transformed Glorietta Activity Center into one giant ball pit for a full day!


That is SO COOL. And trust me, playing in there was the best part.

“Acer Day was conceptualized to continually refresh and breathe new life into the brand, as well as to boost the public’s awareness and knowledge about Acer products,” shares Sue Ong-Lim, Sales and Marketing Director of Acer Philippines. “This year’s celebration is the first of many to come, and consumers can trust that it will only get better from here.”


The games in there were INSANE. There was a giant inflatable slide, "ball Volleyball", and a place where you can plunge your friend in a pit full of balls. In fact, for me it was pretty adrenaline pumping and yet calming as I got to drown all my sorrows in BALLS. Hahaha kidding aside, I thinke everyone who was there will tell you it was so much fun to feel like a kid once again.




The Glorietta Activity Center also served as the backdrop for various energetic performances by Basti Artadi and Kjwan, the UP Pep Squad and lively sets from famed DJs Euric and Nina.

UP Pep Squad keeping things COOL for Acer Day

Kjwan playing for the peeps at Glorietta Activity Center <3 <3 <3 

Acer Day is the world’s leading computer brand’s first transnational and largest annual brand day event, which kicked off in 14 countries worldwide.




Did you know that Acer Day's stupendous opening date was particularly decided for an extraordinary reason, in that "eight-third" (Aug. 3) sounds like "Acer". Following this run, each August third later on will be Acer's image day, where crisp brand exercises and occasions will be acquainted with shoppers.


This year's theme of "Be Cool Everyday" is actually based and centered on Acer's AeroBlade™ 3D fan. Said AeroBlade™ technology enables the use of the world's thinnest metal fan blade, providing advanced aerodynamics and airflow performance to keep the system at a low temperature.


The “Acer Day” event website officially kicked off on July 21 and will stay live until October 3. Consumers can log in with social media accounts to participate in a total of 11 daily challenges, including memory puzzles, friend sharing games, and other fun challenges, to earn “Cool Points”. These Cool Points may then be exchanged for raffle tickets. Prizes include five (5) Acer Swift 7, one (1) Acer Spin 1, and three (3) Predator Helios 300, which will be drawn on October 11. \

More treats and exclusive deals will also be available for purchases made during Acer Day – check out the event website at and the Acer Philippines Facebook Page at for more information.


  1. These games seem like fun! :) I would love to drown my sorrows in balls today, especially with the stressful day I had at work!

  2. It's look like you are having a very great time....I have One Acer laptop with me but a very old model, heavy and bulky..I am not a very big fan of Acer anymore...but would love to try out when ever a new and sleek design is coming out

  3. Wow, it looks so fun. I'm coming to Philippines right now.. Wish Acer day is organized again soon

  4. This looks and sounds so much fun. I hope Acer will do something like this in NYC one day. Thanks for sharing.