My Vivere Salon Experience with Ismael Dizon in Lucky Chinatown Mall


The only constant thing in the world is change. And from me sporting straight, rebonded hair, I have undergone a few hair evolutions. (Click here to check out my Colored Hair Journey + Tips for Dry Colored Bleached Hair) My most recent? Getting Dusty Rose Ombre Hair from Vivere Salon with Senior Stylist Ismael Dizon. :D


Things started with a bit of chit chat. Ismael and his assistant was very accommodating and we talked about my pegs, which is something similar to Gamora's hair... I already have bleached ombre hair by the way, which means my hair is totally dry and damaged at the mid section going down. So he suggested a combination of bright red and something akin to really dark auburn to achieve the dusty rose red color that I had in mind. 


What they did was work with my bleached hair, added in the color, which I requested to not go up to my roots because I wanted to keep it on the healthy side and I'm trying to grow out the bleached part. As of this photo I cannot see anything yet, and I was hoping that instead of the fire engine red I had before, this red would be a better change. :D

Here's the colors that Ismael suggested to achieve my color:



I had to wait an hour or so while the color is setting into my hair. It's pretty awesome that they have fast wifi in the area and magazines to keep me entertained. To be honest, I could've done live blogging or netflix and I know their wifi will not buffer.

The staff was also very welcoming, offering me a few drinks and snacks as well. An added bonus which I know is usual with Vivere Salons is that you also get to be pampered A LOT because they also give a bit of back massage to ease the tensions of your muscles... My dad always frequents Vivere Salon in Alabang and he always comes out satisfied. So I was hoping that Vivere Salon in Lucky Chinatown would not disappoint.


And after the wash and dry, I am pretty satisfied with the result! They also took off a bit of my split ends so that's a bonus! And I got to curl my hair again after a long long while!


So I only asked for coloring and ombre, which costs for about 3,500 Php with my long and thick hair. If you add in bleaching, it would start at around 900Php per session + the ombre color. :D



I'm feeling as bad ass as Gamora minus the green skin! I can probably go Gamora right now or Poison Ivy with this hair! Big thanks to Ismael and the whole Vivere Salon Lucky Chinatown team for the welcome party plus awesome work! <3 <3 <3


Vivere Salon Lucky Chinatown is located at the 3rd Floor of Lucky Chinatown Mall, near Hey Sugar and Miniso. Check out more branches here.

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